3 Questions To Ask When Debating To Store Or Sell

3 Questions To Ask When Debating To Store Or Sell

You may not realize it, but you have a lot of stuff. Even when your room seems bare, you have more things than you realize. This fact is most apparent when you’re moving and you realize you won’t be able to take everything with you. You have three options for what to do with the items you can’t keep. You can trash, store, or sell.

The only items you should be trashing are broken items, everything else should be stored or sold. But how do you decide what you should put away in storage or sell? Here are 3 key questions you should be asking yourself before deciding.

Do You Use It?

This is an obvious question. If you use it regularly or need it, then you should keep the item. Ideally, you should make space at your new place for items that you regularly use, however, if you’ve run out of space then store the item. If you sell an item you use, you’ll just waste money buying another.

Does It Fit?

Large items like furniture may not fit in your new place. If you own things that you don’t need or that don’t fit, then there is really no reason to hold on to it. You should sell and use the money to buy new furniture and other items that will fit in your new home.

Does It have Sentimental Value?

When should you not sell? If you have an item that you rarely use or a piece of furniture that doesn’t fit in your new place but has sentimental value, then you should store it. For example, an antique dress passed down from one generation to another or a quirky gift from grandma. These items have sentimental value; therefore, they are priceless.