3 Tips On How To Store Your Artwork Like A Pro

3 Tips On How To Store Your Artwork Like A Pro

For the record, it is completely necessary to store art properly. After all, it is an extension of ourselves, an expression of our emotions, a reflection of who we are. It is only important to take care of something that’s as valuable. The key to storing artwork is ensuring its longevity and safety.

Whether you are an enthusiast, a collector, or an artist, having self storage dedicated to keeping your pieces of art is a must. This is especially for people who are not fortunate enough to have climate-controlled facilities in their homes. It is crucial to ensure that storage is done the right way for your precious belongings.

The ideal place to store your fine art is a self storage facility that has climate-controlled units. By having a storage unit that has controlled temperature and humidity, it keeps your artworks safe for the long term. It also prevents your pieces from mold, moisture, and pests that can ruin its quality.  

Now that you have an idea where to store your art, here are a few tips on how to pack them for storage like a pro. 

1. Documentation Is Fundamental

Before storing your art, it is compulsory to document it. While there are several ways in archiving and preparing the paperwork of your art, ensure to take the proper documentation. Take photos of its current state before placing it in storage. 

You need to have a photo inventory of each of your art and a condition report with it. Condition reports include a description of any existing damage in your art. This is done for your benefit as well as for the storage facility you’re planning to store it with.

Take note that you have to check your artwork once in a while and check its documentation properly. Keep the condition reports updated from time to time as well.

2. Work With Your Storage Facility

Chances are, the storage facility you’re in will have the resources you need to pack your artwork. Gathering your material in one place is so much easier than getting it all in different places. This saves you the time and resources. 

Remember that the way you pack your artwork depends on the level of care that is needed to store it. Storage experts are the best people to ask on the effective materials to protect it, so make sure to communicate with them right from the getgo. 

Packing your paintings in glassine paper will prevent it from damage. You can get this at a specialty store or you can buy it online. Padding also provides safety in storing your art, storage facilities often have padding available such as bubble wrap.

3.  Keep It Elevated And Away From The Floor

Never store your art directly on the concrete floor as it may absorb the damp that can cause damage to your paintings. Place them on a flat surface such as an acid-free board. You can also get shelving to place your fine art. Remember to not place it on top of each other and are properly packed and padded. The key is to keep the air flowing to prevent moisture. 

Make sure that the boxes you store them with are properly labeled as well. This will keep your artwork organized especially when you need to check them once in a while 


Keep these tips in mind when you plan to keep your artwork in a storage facility. Choose a unit that has climate-control to ensure the longevity of your artwork. Document your art inventory properly and communicate with your service provider. Regularly check up on them and have an attention to detail when you do so. Storage consultants at The Box are trained to make sure your artwork gets the care it deserves. Call us at 800-TheBox today and let’s make room for tomorrow.