4 Ways Your Small Business can Benefit from Mini-Warehousing

4 Ways Your Small Business can Benefit from Mini-Warehousing

Many first-time small business owners didn’t realize just how much storage space they would need when they started their business. Even old hands can become overwhelmed with inventory that they aren’t set up to store. And although your business space is limited, purchasing warehouse space may be impractical – if not downright impossible. A self-storage unit is the ideal solution, providing space for you to organize your small business extras and finally get that stuff out of every spare nook and cranny of your office.


Any product-based business is going to have inventory, and a storage unit is a great place to keep it. Pack it up in boxes or line it neatly up on shelves — it’s up to you.


Every small business will have some paperwork to store, some more than others. Climate-controlled storage can keep your valuable contracts, processes, tax information, and other important documents safe from the effects of weather and temperature changes.

Office Supplies

Printing paper, ink cartridges, pens and pencils, business cards – almost every kind of office supply you can think of is much more cost-effective when purchased in bulk. Make the most of these savings and store the extra supplies in your storage unit.


Whether you are a seamstress or a small engine repairman, chances are you have some kind of equipment associated with your business. Keep your all-purpose sewing machine at the shop, and put the extra one along with your piles of raw material in storage.

The decision to start a small business may prove to be the best one you’ve ever made. It can also be a challenge if you don’t have the space you need to store everything that running a small business requires. Work with us at The Box, and you can get your small business off to a good start without cluttering up your new business space.