5 Furniture Ideas That Can Offer Exceptional Storage Options

5 Furniture Ideas That Can Offer Exceptional Storage Options

In Dubai, a problem that all homeowners have to grapple with is the lack of space. Real estate is expensive; therefore, most people who work in this city need to opt for smaller apartments. Unfortunately, this means they would not have enough room to store all their belongings. If one does not want to live in a cramped home but also does not wish to go for a frugal lifestyle, their best way of combating this issue is to be clever with storage. 

The Box self-storage services LLC in Dubai offers facilities that one can use to keep things outside their home; however, that alone is not enough. A person also needs to make good choices in their furniture to make better use of all available space. 

Cabinets that take up an entire wall

When people think of furniture options, they mainly consider those that take up floor space and ignore vertical space. However, for a person who wishes to make their home look spacious, the latter can be their best weapon. When they utilize wall furnishings, the floor is freed, making the room look more expansive.

While regular cabinets can provide some room for storage, they result in a wasted area of at least three feet or more. Therefore, it is more efficient to utilize the entire wall for a cupboard. Moreover, an individual can adjust the interior components according to the items’ size to distribute space correctly. The top drawers can be used to store items that cannot be sent to storage facilities but are rarely used. 

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans have been popular for centuries. Not only are they comfortable to sit on and look trendy, but the space within can also be used to store one’s belongings. In tiny apartments, they are a better alternative to chairs as they are multi-functional. 

Storage bed

The space under a regular bed is typically left unused. If one chooses to store items below it, they can be unsightly, quickly collect dust and be difficult to clean. A good idea to use the area and avoid dust issues is to opt for a storage bed. 

Storage beds have drawers under them that one can use to store their clothes, books, and other belongings. They are an excellent option for looking for extra storage options in their bedroom without sacrificing floor space and who wish not to waste any room.

If one wishes to keep the drawers organized, they can send rarely used clothes and extra blankets to The Box’s self-storage facilities. They will be stored securely in the unit and can be retrieved when necessary. 

Cat litter box cupboards

If an individual has a pet cat, then a litter box is part of the experience. An excellent way to keep it out of plain sight and gain more space is to purchase a litter box cupboard. The litter box will be stored in the area below which the cat can access. The drawers on top can be used to store pet supplies and other objects. 

Over the toilet shelves

If one wants more storage options in the washroom, they could install shelving over the toilet. The space above a toilet is rarely used, and by fitting shelves or a cupboard in this region, they will be able to organize the room and keep it neat and tidy. 

The above are just a few furniture options that could provide more storage room; many more can be found in stores. Suppose an individual wish to make the most out of the available space in their home. In that case, they will need to combine this with storage facilities offered by The Box shop in Dubai