5 Items Best Kept in Climate-Controlled Storage

5 Items Best Kept in Climate-Controlled Storage

As a society, we love our “things, our “stuff”, our possessions. When we work hard to buy things or are given items that have sentimental value, we want to keep them near. We also want to protect them as much as possible. This is why when choosing a facility to house your belongings, consider one that can provide climate-controlled storage. The following items can particularly benefit from controlled temperature and humidity levels.

Wooden Furniture

Areas with controlled moisture levels can further safeguard wood over time. Items such as chairs, tables, dressers, bed frames, and entertainment centers benefit especially.

Leather Furniture

Maintaining temperature and moisture protects leather allowing it to remain soft to the touch whilst ensuring color also.

Musical Instruments

Percussion, woodwinds and string instruments are best stored when temperature and humidity remain constant. Temperatures can influence the glue and adhesive that hold them together. Brass instrument parts such as felt, rubber, and cork will retain their original condition when kept away from varying temperatures, as well as prevent any unwanted bacteria.


A temperature and humidity controlled environment keep your precious photos (and priceless memories) in pristine condition by retaining their shape and safeguarding from moisture and mildew.


A clean, dry, environmentally controlled storage facility is typically the best bet for keeping your electronics in the safest condition.