5 Top Tier Bookshelf Designs Made For Storing Your Artful Book Collection

5 Top Tier Bookshelf Designs Made For Storing Your Artful Book Collection

Having a book collection is a commendable feat that many people are proud of. You might belong to the community of eager bibliophiles with a fierce passion for creating an aesthetically pleasing and organized bookshelf to show off your excellent book collection. 

There are several different bookshelf designs that are the best fit for your requirements. These fulfill the aesthetic and practical needs that you might have in regards to creating the perfect display of the book collection. Listed below are the five of the best designs that you can pick from. 

Maintenance-Friendly Design

If you require a bookshelf that requires minimal maintenance and is easy to move around, then you can buy one that can be easily folded and placed in a compact area when necessary. This design fulfills more of the practical part of the perfect bookshelf that you need. You can still make it look decorative by adding more elements such as small potted plants or attractive photo frames along with a colorful book collection. 

This design is easy to assemble, and if you are on a limited budget, this is extremely useful to you. It is a premium quality foldable shelf that is created with elegant metal frames for added stability. If you live in a moderate space, this bookshelf’s size is appropriate for your living space. If you face any challenge with fitting your extensive book collection, you can limit them to a certain amount and keep the rest in a storage unit for extra protection. 

Antique Look

A rustic and aged look is quite popular when it comes to bookshelf designs, and the antique look blends quite easily with the home interior quite often. This type contains wooden shelves attached to the wall, and they can also withhold heavy items such as published hardcover books and other accessories to brighten up your space. The rustic design looks quite old but fits in with the modern and simple design at the same time. 

Books By Genre

Another plausible option is a bookshelf that comes with averagely-sized square compartments that can fit a couple of books per square. With this design, if you own various genres in your book collection, you can sort the books by each genre and designate each compartment to one genre. This is a unique way to stay organized, and it will help you find a book whenever you need it quickly. These types of bookshelves, the compartments are often built to hold two or three rows of books in each one, and this allows for your large-scale collection to fit in one place as well. 

Tree-Shaped Shelves

This design sports a unique and innovative way the shelves are placed against each other. Each shelf is placed at a slanted angle to create the tree effect. Creating a modern and sleek look, this bookshelf allows you to easily organize your books, although it only allows a limited number of books. Once again, you can store some of the books that you occasionally use in self storage until you need them again. This kind of design is quite slim to fit any sort of space and make it look exquisite. 

Cabinet-Style Bookshelf 

This bookshelf style is used to protect your prized book collection along with fragile decorative valuables. Unlike conventional bookshelves that are open, this one boasts a glass cabinet style that prevents any accumulation of dust on your books. The glass door feature allows your collection to be on display while keeping them protected within the glass case. 

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