5 Wall Decor Ideas That Can Actually Be Used For Effective Storage

5 Wall Decor Ideas That Can Actually Be Used For Effective Storage

It is exceedingly common for people to consider storage options that utilize floor space. They are easy to purchase as choices are abundant and they look good. However, there is a prominent drawback; rooms can become very cramped. The solution to this is vertical storage. There are brilliant wall decor ideas that can allow people to use spaces they never considered before. With the help of these concepts and temporary storage units, one can find effective solutions without sacrificing comfort. 

Install shelves around the perimeter of the room.

A space that is rarely utilized is the twelve inches of the wall below the ceiling. One of the main reasons why this area is not used is because of how high it is. However, this is the perfect solution for items that one doesn’t need frequently. If the items to be stored are not attractive to look at, a person can change certain areas of the shelf to enclosed cupboards. The empty spaces can then store beautiful display pieces that will give the room character and visual appeal. 

Install asymmetrical shelves along an entire wall. 

Asymmetrical shelves are a brilliant way to add charm and interest to a bedroom. By utilizing the entire wall as shelving, it opens up many storage opportunities. To ensure the room looks neat and tidy, one can opt for storage containers to store small items and nicknacks. It will make the shelves look organized. 

Design a wall cupboard.

If a person wants a creative storage solution but also prefers to keep their belongings out of sight, utilizing an entire wall as a cupboard will be a clever solution. One can install a few open spaces in between if they wish to place ornaments or plants to give the room a warm atmosphere. The cupboard can help hide laundry baskets, ironing boards, televisions, and other items that one would like to keep away from sight. 

While it might be tempting to store rarely used items within this cabinet, it is wise to send them to storage units as it will free up space that can be utilized for something else. These facilities are secure; therefore, one’s belongings will be protected and can be retrieved when necessary. 

Use crown molding to store items.

While many think crown molding is meant to be used on the highest perimeters of the wall to decorate the ceiling, it can also be used as an ornate storage option. It can be placed on a wall as a substitute for shelves that can store any items one wishes. It is commonly used for storing stilettos as the high heels function as a hook and keep the shoes steady on the molding. Other choices include books and self-care products. 

Mount colored pegboards

Pegboards are very useful for storing items on walls. As they can be arranged as required, the layout can be changed depending on an individual’s needs. Due to their widespread use, different hooks and slats are available and inserted into the board with ease. A light coating of paint can give it a pop of color and add vibrance to a room.

Wall storage ideas are a creative and useful way to store items without sacrificing valuable floor space. If you wish to organize your room and need storage units to hold your rarely used belongings, contact The Box Self-storage Services LLC to find out more information.