7 Ways You Can Stay Eco-Friendly While Moving Cities

7 Ways You Can Stay Eco-Friendly While Moving Cities

Moving can mean a new beginning or a fresh start for most people. It can be exciting or overwhelming for some – but one thing should be constant in every moving process, be environmentally friendly and make sure you plan your move sustainably.

Now more than ever, we must be conscious of our day-to-day activities and ensure we care for our environment. You can start by examining your things at home and researching eco-friendly moving alternatives to remain helpful in protecting the environment while you move to your new place. To help you get started, here are seven helpful tips to help you stay eco-friendly while you move to another city.

1. Declutter your home in an environmentally conscious manner.

When planning an eco-friendly move, your priority should be decluttering your home so that you will only bring the things you need and want. You must also decide what to do with the items you are not taking. But you cannot simply throw items away. Look for sustainable alternatives and safely dispose of those you will no longer use.

You may try donating some items while bringing others to recycling facilities. But, the most important thing is that you do not leave unused items anywhere. If you want to repurpose some old items that you will not use for the meantime, you can opt for a self-storage place where you can leave your belongings that is also sustainable.

2. Use environmentally friendly packing materials.

The most environmentally sustainable method of moving begins with recyclable and biodegradable packing materials. Packing your belongings in bags or cases that can be reused and disposed of would be an excellent contribution to the environment.

You can reuse old cardboard boxes instead of buying new ones, as traditional cardboard moving boxes are made to last up to four moves. Try to contact your friends, relatives, or local grocery and retail businesses, and publish a general post on your social media platforms to see if they have any extra boxes you can grab. As much as possible, avoid using plastic products like bubble wrap and opt for biodegradable substitutes. Through this simple gesture, you may ensure that the materials you leave behind have no adverse effects on the environment.

3. Use packaging supplies you already have at home.

Using packing materials you already have at home is a more sustainable method in preparing an efficient and environmentally move that will also help you save money at the same time. The goal is to be resourceful and use some of the objects you’ll be moving to protect the other goods you’ll bring.

When it comes to moving containers, you can make good use of the following materials you may have at home:

  • Buckets and Baskets are a good option for storing clothes, bed linen, mattresses, bathroom goods, toiletries, and other items.
  • Vacuum-sealed bags are ideal for carrying heavy garments and bedding such as coats, winter clothes, comforters, mattresses, and pillows.
  • Blankets have exceptional protection solutions and can be used to secure fragile equipment and easily damaged valuables.
  • Thick winter socks can be used to secure fragile cups or glasses, particularly those with handles.
  • To fill the empty spaces inside moving boxes, use plain newspapers instead of packing papers.

4. Be Conscious of Recycling.

When moving, it is inescapable that trash and recyclables will accumulate. To minimize the accumulation of things you want to get rid of, prepare a plan for dropping off everything. For example, if you have unused devices, try to locate the nearest electronic recycling facility. If you’re disposing of old documents and papers, look for a paper shredder machine and the best paper recycling hub. Make stockpiles of what has to be given away or recycled, and plan on running a lot of dropping things off.

5. Partner with an eco-friendly moving company.

Hiring an eco-friendly moving company is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint during your move. Look for reliable movers who have a proven commitment to environmental stewardship and implement the following solutions:

  • Have a range of modern and fuel-efficient moving vehicles that are environmentally friendly
  • Use eco-friendly packing materials, such as recycled cardboard boxes, reusable plastic containers, and biodegradable wrappings.
  • Their moving trucks have integrated GPS systems to plot the most fuel-efficient route to the destination.
  • Streamline shipments to save resources and provide better deals to their clients

So, while looking for sustainable moving companies, be assertive enough to evaluate the moving company and what particular steps they take to keep the environment safe.

6. Make fewer trips back and forth.

With your move, try to make as few trips as possible. Ensure that you concentrate on having all of your belongings shipped by your movers on moving day and minimize the short travels to and from your new home. The fewer trips you can make while moving would be better.

7. Stay Sustainable In Your New Home

Being environmentally friendly will not end in your moving process continue being sustainable when you finally move to your new place. Follow these simple steps:

  • After unpacking, save some of the packing materials for future use. You can also utilize your cardboard boxes for storage.
  • Recycle all packaging supplies that you may not need anymore. Inquire with your eco-friendly moving company if they would recycle the remaining packing materials for you.
  • Clean your new home with environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. Avoid using harmful cleaning products, instead create your eco-friendly cleaning solutions out of white vinegar, baking soda, and water.
  • Set up energy-saving LED lighting all over your new home.
  • Only Use Non-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints for interior designing and renovation. Consider that some VOCs are potentially harmful to human health and can cause environmental damage.

Sustainable moving involves not only planning but also patience and resourcefulness. Enjoy moving with a more caring perspective by partnering with us at The Box. Every move, regardless of the distance or the volume. We handle the same degree of care, precision, sustainability, and professionalism.