Adapting to Unpredictable Weather, Moving Tips and Tricks

Adapting to Unpredictable Weather, Moving Tips and Tricks

Ensuring the safety of your items is your biggest concern as well as ours. It can be difficult at times to know the correct way to pack items that will protect them from the elements. Severe weather such as extreme heat, snow and rain can be very damaging to your property. 


Rain and Snow:

The first tip is to follow the weather reports for the week that you are planning on moving. This may sound like common sense but many of us in Dubai forget to check the weather apps daily because we usually predict it will be another sunny, warm day in the Emirates. However, there are occasions where rain can shut down the city and ruin your boxes. Best to be mindful of what the predictions are for your chosen day. 

Heavy rain is not an ideal condition to relocate your household or items – if possible, change the day to when the conditions are milder. 

If you are hiring an independent moving van, ask to check the interior. Be on the lookout for any possible leakages or weak spots that could let the weather in. Keep plastic and towels at hand in rainy and snowy conditions. These can be used to cover furniture items and large boxes, preventing any moisture from coming into contact with the box. Garbage bags can also be a handy tool to keep items dry. Have some extra lying around so you can wrap things as and when you need to. 

Easily prevent slipping on wet floors inside by placing cardboard at the entrance of your house and along some of the main passageways. This will help soak up some of the water and will prevent your floors from becoming too slippery. Old rugs can also be used for extra support but make sure they are flat and will not be a potential tripping hazard. 

When moving internationally to colder locations and in cooler weather conditions, it may be handy to consider keeping some jackets and jumpers unpacked or in an easily accessible bag. Having extra items at hand can be useful because the clothing will not be easily within reach when everything is packed, especially if you need to warm up during adverse weather conditions. In case the process takes longer than expected, it can be handy to have these spare items at hand. 


Extreme Heat:

Packing in extreme heat is also not an ideal condition but a very common one in the United Arab Emirates. When temperatures are above 20 degrees celsius, be sure to have plenty of water and sunblock for yourself and anyone that may help you. Moving is a very physical activity and it is best to prevent dehydration. It is also recommended to try to plan your transportation for early in the morning or later in the evening, to make use of cooler daytime temperatures. 

Some items do not travel well in the heat. This is especially the case for electronics, food, plants, and artwork. You may want to try moving these with your own vehicle so you can keep them in the shade for as long as possible. Otherwise, be sure to load these items last as the van will heat up when standing outside during the loading process. 

Unloading everything as quickly as possible will further prevent any heat damage. Consider offloading all the items to a central and easily accessible location in the house, that can be kept cool. From there, you can later place the boxes to where you want them – it is just important to get them inside. 


The weather will be unpredictable no matter where you are but there is always a way to make moving day easier on yourself and those who are assisting you. Be sure to protect yourself and your valuable possessions.