Am I A Hoarder? Drawing The Line Between Collection & Clutter

Am I A Hoarder? Drawing The Line Between Collection & Clutter

This 2020, what better way to start the year fresh than going over each of your belongings. 

Have you ever taken a step back to evaluate your things? Perhaps you have found yourself rummaging through a pile of stuff just to look for something you need. In the process, you may even rediscover the things you forgot you own. 

Sometimes, it may even be a trip down memory lane as you stumble upon treasures that hold sentimental value. However, if you belong to the sort of people who are comfortable with just letting things be, it’s high time to get your act together and sort out your belongings. Typically, storage units are a great start, especially when your stuff is taking over your space. 

Sure it is fun and exciting to start a collection of mugs, clocks, plates, toys, or any kind of trinkets, but you have to eventually draw the line between clutter and collection, the former stemming from a habit of hoarding. 

Both collectors and hoarders have the same thing in common – their stuff keeps piling! People often confuse clutter with collection and we’re here to set the record straight. Don’t fret, we talked to our storage services experts at The Box to finally draw the line between collection and clutter. Read on to find out if you are a hoarder.

When enough is too much

In distinguishing a hoarder from a collector, one has to understand the concept of hoarding. Simply put, hoarding is an individual’s tendency to hold onto things that are not necessarily of value. Hoarders have a lingering difficulty of letting go of possessions irrespective of their worth or value. Eventually, things amass until it becomes a riot of clutter both assaulting and offending to the senses. 

In reality, hoarding and the tendency thereof is a sensitive topic to discuss. It could have adverse effects emotionally, physically and mentally. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America or ADAA, hoarding is a disorder that can present itself as a symptom on its own or of another disorder – typically obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD),  attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

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There are several people who came close to becoming a hoarder, and luckily for them, they had the right intervention. But for the rest of us, however, the outstanding pile of paper,  the crazy amount of trinkets, and the colossal volume of clothes do not necessarily qualify us to star in a reality TV show.

It is safe to say that we lack organization in our lives. It’s not a question of when is enough too much, rather it’s a question of whether you are proactive in taking action about your staggering amount of clutter or not. 

Clutter that matters

Now that you have an idea of what hoarding is, let’s discuss differentiating collection from clutter. Strangely enough, there is a school of thought and a cabal of people who confuse clutter from collection. Where exactly do the lines get blurry?  For starters, clutter is simply a muddle of random and miscellaneous items in a disorganized space. On the other hand, collections are curated items that carry substantial monetary or sentimental value. 

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Several people frequently find themselves in situations wherein they take certain collections from loved ones, or they collect items with the belief that they may be worth something in the future, such as in the case of vinyl records and silverware. When the time comes that a collection becomes too much to handle, organize and take care of, else it may become clutter – clutter that actually matters.

Taking the necessary actions to prevent this is important not just for your space but for your prized possessions as well.  Fortunately, there is an efficient way to organize what you have. Let’s go through some things you can consider along the way.

Recognize what you have

Before you start organizing your collection, evaluate them. You can always prepare a checklist as you go over each of your things. Do note that it is crucial to go through all of them regardless of size. Your checklist can include the following questions:

  • Did I start this collection?
    • Perhaps this collection is not something you started in the first place. Probably it’s something you always had. Before you know it, you’ll have a surprising amount of ceramic angels. 
  • Does this item spark joy?
    • Take a minute to reflect if this item actually gives you happiness. Maybe it’s just something you’ll probably forget the minute you let go of it. If that’s the case, it’s not worth keeping. 
  •  Will I be proud to display this?
    • We display our collections because of one thing – we take pride in it. After all, it’s something that other people may not have. If it’s something you don’t want to show off, it’s not worthy of a place on your display cabinet. 

Deal with the surplus stuff

After going through your collection, you may find yourself asking what to do with all the excess stuff. At the same time, you don’t want these items to clog up your space. At the end of the day, your goal is to give your space an organized and relaxing atmosphere, where you can go home and admire your collection.  There may still be items of sentimental value that you hold dear and it’s not necessary to get rid of them right away.


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  • Donate
    • You might also have things that did not make the cut as either clutter or collection. Donating is a great way of getting rid of these items – especially when they are in good condition and there is still some purpose to it. It can even bring someone else joy. 
  • Sell it
    • Organizing a yard sale is a fun way of earning cash while dealing with your surplus stuff. Posting online is also a great idea to sell your items. You can use this money to add items to your collection or to buy new storage for them. 

Get a reliable storage service company

Having a storage unit is a smart way to organize your collection. You can always rotate items that you wish to display in your home, and keep them safe and secure in a storage unit. Think of it as a home away from home for your prized possessions. 

Storage services can provide the flexibility you need to accommodate all your collections. It’s an efficient way to have a dedicated space in keeping your valuables that do not necessarily obligate you to allocate a specific space in your home. 

Final Words

If you’re confused, troubled, or have no idea how to deal with your collection whilst keeping them safe and in mint condition, our experts at The Box are available any time of the day to assist you! Keep calm and drop by our office for coffee or tea and let’s discuss the many possibilities storage units can help you get the organization you need today!