Answering 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Storage Solutions

Answering 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Self-Storage Solutions

Self-storage services have become popular in recent times for many convenient reasons. However, some of us tend to be reluctant to opt for self-storage services because of uncertainties or questions that haven’t received convincing answers. So here is a breakdown of the 5 most frequently asked questions regarding self-storage units and their definitive answers. 

What Is Self-Storage And How Does It Work?

Self-storage in simple terms is where a service provider rents storage spaces such as rooms, lockers, containers, or any other in/outdoor spaces – also known as storage units for people (referred to as tenants) on a contract basis. Generally, self-storage units are available for personal, business, and recreational storage useDepending on the service provider, this service concept can be upgraded with other value-adding aspects as well.  

How Often Can You Get Access To Your Storage Unit?

While this depends on the service provider and their related policies, in general, most Self-storage services come with 24-hour access – giving you the ability to access your unit whenever you want. Some service providers may also allow access during gate hours (the time when the office is closed) which typically runs between 6 am to 10 pm. You can always ask about these details from the relevant service provider before renting a self-storage unit. 

How Secure Is Self-Storage? 

The level of security usually depends on the safety measures taken by the service provider. However, in general, all self-storage units’ try to assure a high level of security, as the service on its own is about trusting the safe storage of your assets to the service provider. The security measures taken by self-storage units may include (but not limited to), 

  • Video Surveillance
  • Controlled access that asks for a code to enter
  • Manager and security on-site during office hours
  • The resident manager may live on the site
  • Individually alarmed storage units to signal breakouts, theft, or fire
  • Restricted access where tenants can access only the  floor or space where their unit is on

What Size Storage Unit Can You Rent? 

In truth, nowadays storage unit’ sizes can be anything from a 16 sq. ft locker to 1000 sq. ft mini-warehouses. Depending on different self-storage service providers, the size ranges can be smaller or larger. If you have any questions regarding what size is right for your requirements- it’s always best to consult with your service provider, who will provide apt options to choose from. 

What Are Climate Controlled Storage Units?

This is a storage unit that is dedicated to storing items that are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures. Climate storage-controlled units generally maintain a temperature range of 12-30 degrees Celsius. These are exclusively aimed at storing items susceptible to hot and cold weather like electronics, wooden furniture, artworks, wine, and other older valuable items. Climate-controlled storage units are slightly more expensive than regular storage units- however, if you are storing items that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, it is well worth it.

Are there items that cannot be placed in self-storage?

Yes, some items can never be placed in a self-storage unit. This includes liquids, explosives, flammable materials, and other goods susceptible to hazards. In addition, even perishable goods like food or beverages cannot be stored in a self-storage unit. Even if they were stored in a climate-controlled storage unit they would eventually perish. Apart from these, your self-storage provider may also have a list of things that cannot be stored in a storage unit –as per their company policies. 

What are the other amenities top self-storage service providers offer? 

As self-storage services are receiving high demand in recent times, many top service providers host several value-adding amenities in their storage units. Some of them include

  •  24 Hours Access To Their Units
  •  Flexible Leases
  •  On-site Managers Who Can Assist You With Problems Regarding Your Storage Unit
  •  Security Alarm System For Every Individual Storage Unit
  • Drive-up Units 
  • Free Parking 
  • Flexi-desk 
  • Office Spaces 
  • Gyms 
  • Library 
  • Auditorium 
  • Environment Conscious Practises 
  • Team Of Storage Consultants To Provide Personalised Services

Can you live in a storage unit? 

No, you cannot live in a storage unit- mainly because it’s illegal. Apart from this, living in self-storage is an unsafe idea. This is because self-storage units don’t have access to running water, natural light, electricity, or proper ventilation. On the other hand, self-storage units have security cameras installed, on-site managers, and security staff, so even if you try to live in a storage unit, you will eventually get caught and face legal fines. 

How much do self-storage units cost?

The cost of a self-storage unit will depend on your requirements for storage and the storage service provider. Generally, the cost of your self-storage unit will be based on how much storage space you need, how much you want to store, how long you need to store, type of storage unit (cage, closed, drive up, etc.), storage-unit availability, climate-controlled requirements you may want, location, floor, and any other discounts or offers that are running at the time of renting. 

What if you don’t need an entire storage unit?

Nowadays it’s easy to find storage units of varying sizes, so it’s highly possible for you to find a self-storage unit that meets your exact space requirement. However, if you still feel you don’t need an entire storage unit, some self-storage service providers have options like “Self storage box solutions”. This is where you can store your goods in boxes provided by a storage service provider and give it to them to store safely. You will only have to pay a fixed monthly payment for every box you store. Some service providers may also require you to store a minimum amount of boxes, depending on their company policies.

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