How To Make The Call To Keep Or Get Rid Of Stuff

How To Make The Call To Keep Or Get Rid Of Stuff

Just like how spring signifies new beginnings, cleaning, decluttering, and organizing our homes signifies starting over. However, the truth is, we don’t need a specific season to get rid of our clutter or get to work with our mops and vacuums. The perfect time to get rid of junk is today. 

For most people, letting go is easier said than done, especially with things that hold sentimental value in our lives. In such cases, making a call to keep or get rid of belongings can be a daunting task. Because of this, people consciously ignore dealing with compounding stuff for a long time, which results in a build-up of clutter. 

Getting rid of clutter from our homes, and consequently, our lives are empowering. It clarifies our perspective and refreshes our headspace. Although these reasons are enough to get you started with decluttering, there are still some reasons why people procrastinate or find it difficult to declutter.

Why Do People Find It So Hard To Declutter?

When we start to understand why we find it difficult to declutter, we can think of ways to address and overcome it. This will make it easier for us to get rid of things we don’t need or those that can be stored inside storage units

“I Don’t Have The Time To Declutter”

Perhaps this is the most common excuse you’ll hear. Most people claim that they simply do not have the time to declutter. They are too caught up in work that by the time they get home they simply want to rest and think of dealing with their clutter later. While it is true that decluttering takes a lot of time from the outset, the time you invest in doing it will be worthwhile in the long run. 

When it comes to dealing with time constraints, consistency is key. Take 10-20 minutes every day to declutter one part of your house. When you are persistent, minutes can build up to hours and before you notice it, you have successfully decluttered your home. Take advantage of the weekends to spend extra time in organizing your belongings. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll end up with once you’re done. 

“I Don’t Have The Motivation”

Much like how clutter robs you of time, it also drains your energy. A decluttered home can deplete your energy and agitate your mood. At the end of a very long day, the thought of organizing a tremendous amount of clutter can be overwhelming and demotivating.

There is no other way around this than facing your clutter headstrong. Avoid making excuses and consider decluttering a priority and not an option. Planning can go a long way when dealing with clutter. Dedicate a day of your week to declutter and develop self-motivation by asking yourself why you are doing this. Think of your goals and what you want to accomplish when decluttering. This will give you the motivation you need. 

“I’m Too Overwhelmed To Continue”

There is no doubt that decluttering can take a toll on you since it is hard work. The thing with decluttering though is that when you try to take on a lot of stuff too fast, you can end up getting overwhelmed, worn out, and discouraged. So keep in mind that speed should never be a factor when it comes to decluttering and organizing. Take your time but make it consistent. Start small and gradually ease into organizing bigger cupboards and wardrobes. Never try to tackle an entire room at once; instead, work your way bit by bit to avoid getting burnt out and overwhelmed. Taking breaks also helps to give you a clearer headspace and re-energize yourself to deal with the clutter. 

The Best Time To Declutter Is Now!

Decluttering has been a subject of many lifestyle articles, personal blogs, books, and even reality tv shows. There is no question that people are talking about decluttering and organizing a lot these days. If you’re one of those people who never understood the need to declutter, or have never considered making a call to get rid of your stuff, here are some compelling reasons why you should start today. 

You’re Staying At Home Right Now

Yes, you read that right. You are at home at this very moment. There’s no better time to seize the day and get to work. Whether it’s your day off, spring break, or vacation, take this time to put your cleaning products to use and dig into your pile of clutter. While you’re at home, you can also reflect on the things that are worth keeping, those that you can get rid of, and things you can safely store in a self storage facility. You can also consider exploring the KonMAri method while you’re at it.

You’ll Have An Easier Time Cleaning

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When you have a decluttered home, the amount of time you spend on cleaning it will be reduced drastically. Since everything is organized, it will be easier for you to get around your house, and there will actually be fewer items to organize. You’ll be able to spend more time on things such as a new hobby or exploring the outdoors. 

You’ll Have More Freedom

Clutter can hold you back from doing the things you used to love. For instance, if clutter takes up much of your kitchen space, you will find it hard to cook dinner, bake, and even whip up some dessert. In addition, clutter can also get in the way of your social life. A cluttered home can suck up the energy you need to socialize and interact with people outside. Also, it will be difficult for you to invite people over due to a lack of space. In a way, a disorganized and cluttered home can affect your relationship with the people close to you as well. 

You Can Earn Extra Cash

You can also take advantage of selling the things you don’t need through a yard sale or online. You can easily make money by selling your pre-owned clothes. This is the perfect way to make money off the items you invested in rather than throwing them in a dumpster. When you have items that are not sold, you can also donate them to charity instead.


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Regardless of the time of the year, any day is the right time to clean, declutter, and organize your home. There will always come a point in your lives where we will be faced with clutter. Even the best people with good intentions can end up with a pile of clutter. Overtime, belongings tend to accumulate but they can also turn into clutter if not taken care of. 

Fortunately, storage facilities are there to help us provide a space for our most-loved possessions. Whether it’s family heirlooms, a rare toy collection, seasonal items, or things you’re still figuring out what to do with, storage units can offer a safe and secure environment for them. It also makes moving a lot easier and convenient. So once you realize the need to declutter and get rid of some of your items, consider investing in a storage unit.