Beat the Heat with Climate Controlled Storage

There are a wide variety of reasons to consider placing your items in storage. Perhaps you have important family heirlooms, but no room for them in the house. Maybe your record collection has grown too big for storing in your wardrobes. Maybe there’s just too much furniture in your apartment. Whatever your reason may be, you want to be sure that your items are going to be safely stored in the best possible condition. For that, you want storage that’s climate controlled; The Box is the perfect option.

Why climate control? Without it and with no real escape for heat, the average storage unit gets hot. Things like CDs, vinyl albums, and certain plastics find themselves in danger of warping in the heat, ruining many of them beyond repair. The precious family photos that you’ve carefully packed away will crack, fade, or even wrinkle if exposed to too much heat. Electronic devices often fry when facing extreme temperatures, while precious childhood toys will melt into unrecognizable mutant versions of their former selves. You’re putting items into storage for convenience and safe-keeping, but if your items get ruined, what was the point?

Don’t risk damage to your belongings by taking them to someone else. The Box offers climate controlled self-storage so that you can be sure your precious items aren’t being destroyed by the heat. The air-conditioned units are the perfect way for you to rest easy while your things are safely stored away. For more information on our units, feel free to give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you.