Enjoy a Spacious Home: Put these Top-10 household Items into Storage

Stop filling closets past their capacity and putting so much into your garage that you can’t park your car there. Storage units are great for housing household items you do not regularly use. Here are the top ten items you should store away from your house.

  • Artificial Christmas Tree: This is an item you typically use only from December 1st to New Year’s, yet it is taking up valuable space in your garage. Put it in storage along with other large holiday decorations.
  • Patio furniture: Protect your outdoor furnishings during  the extreme UAE summer season (dust, sun, heat)
  • Televisions: You probably have a workable television shoved in a closet because you are enjoying your new wide-screen. Get it out of the house till you need it.
  • Luggage: Do you have bulky luggage taking up space? Move them into storage where they will await your next adventure.
  • Bedding: Extra blankets, sheets, pillows and dust ruffles overload your linen closet. Pack them into durable moth-proof polyethylene storage bags and move them out of the house.
  • Large Toys: It is good to rotate out your children’s toys to prevent boredom. Move large items to storage and reclaim space in your kids’ rooms.
  • File Cabinets. These bulky things do not enhance your home’s attractiveness. Put these necessary but decor-less items into a storage unit right away.
  • Antiques. Your grandmother’s treasured items don’t always figure into your home’s current landscape. Store them carefully to protect their value.
  • Picnic Tables. Take these bulky items along with your folding chairs to storage where they will sit until your next day out. 
  • Artwork. You don’t always want to have your large paintings, sculptures and other art pieces on display. Cover them and move them to their temporary home.

You live better and enjoy your furnishings and decorations more when they exist in a spacious environment. Use your storage unit to house those items you want to keep but don’t need at this particular moment.