5 Questions to Determine if Your Small Business Can Benefit From Mini-Warehousing

As a small business owner, it’s important to think strategically about what you can do to make your company more successful. For companies that sell products, proper inventory management can improve your cash flow and other advantages. A mini-warehouse is a convenient solution for many small businesses that don’t have the space, time or budget for a large warehouse. Below we’ve compiled some questions you can ask to see if you can benefit from using a mini-warehouse.

  1. Can the storage space you’re using now grow with your company?
    First, think about the size of the space you are currently storing your inventory. Would it be able to comfortably store items if you grew dramatically within a year? If not, you may want to consider using a mini-warehouse.
  2. Do you sell large and heavy products?
    Large and heavy items can quickly clutter a home office or traditional office space. An outside storage facility can give you and your employees the space you need to get work done.
  3. Do you ship your products to different cities in the region?
    If you regularly ship products from city to city, it makes sense to have a mini-warehouse in those areas so you can lower your overall shipping costs.
  4. Can you afford a large warehouse?
    A smaller company may not be able to afford a large warehouse in the beginning. As your business grows, a local mini-warehouse can store your products and other business items for less.
  5. Is inventory management taking time away from your core business?
    Lastly, you should consider a mini-warehouse if you believe handling inventory is distracting you from managing your business. A mini-warehouse can help you focus on your company again.