Bobby Berk’s Favourite Home Storage Tips

Bobby Berk’s Favourite Home Storage Tips

The acclaimed American Interior designer and one of the starts of the Netflix series ‘Queer Eye’, Bobby James Berk has some of the best tips to transform your home into your happy place! Berk carved out a niche for himself in the interior designing industry by focussing on styling small spaces. He understands the challenges associated with small space living and offers practical yet sophisticated solutions to storage problems. Let’s find out how you can redefine your minimal space to maximize comfort, functionality and finesse with Bobby Berk!


Multifunctional furniture

Think outside the box, and get over your functional fixedness! Going for furniture which serve dual functions or “double duty furniture” as they are popularly called is a must-have for small spaces, according to Berk. Coffee tables, sofas, ottomans, exposed leg furniture, platform beds that can be utilized as storage is of great advantage, particularly if you have less closet space. For instance, choose chairs which fit under the dining table when not in use, adding compactness to the dining space. 


Pick the little things wisely & lose the clutter!

Using storage cubes with stylish designs that can also double as seating, and nightstands with multiple drawers is a great way to ensure optimum usage of space. Getting rid of unwanted things and storing away the goods which are not being used is extremely important to prevent clutter. While it is hard to dispose of items you no longer need, it is crucial for small spaces to attain perfect utility. Berk suggests getting rid of items if they do not work or serve a purpose. Decluttering brings refinement to your home and also enhances the quality of your life. However, there is an alternative to throwing away items which may not suit your aesthetic or have no utility but are of sentimental value to you, they are temporary storage spaces which are safe and reliable storage solutions. 


Slim & Open Shelving

Tall and slim shelves are the most suitable devoted-storage spaces for small living areas. They are surprisingly plenty in room and fit right into small spaces. Slim shelves are most advantageous for holding kitchen supplies and will conveniently fit in the ‘in-between’ spaces, turning it into a smart, organized space. Leaning desks which can be tucked away in the corner of a room can also contribute to storage without consuming much space itself. Open shelving isn’t just about the elegance, it is also a savvy storage option which allows effective usage of vast amounts of otherwise unutilized space. 


With these expert tips from the star designer Bobby Berk, making the style statement with your home is only a few clever choices away!

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