Compartmentalized Storage: A Perfect Solution For Your Shopping Sprees

Compartmentalized Storage: A Perfect Solution For Your Shopping Sprees

We understand you love your clothes- especially when they’re fresh off the rack from the latest season’s collection. But admit it not everyone loves organizing. Some people aren’t talented at compartmentalizing their belongings. The next thing you know, you can’t find your way out of your bedroom door with your clothes taking over your space. 

While the scenario may be an overstatement, but imagine how much space you’ll be saving once you take the time to organize your belongings. You don’t have to worry about parting with the ones you love, storage units are great places to keep them until you decide what to do with them later. 

Compartmentalize To Organize

Compartmentalizing simply means sorting your clothing articles and accessories into categories for easier storage and organization. Compartment storage boxes are excellent to have, especially when organizing your accessories, so make sure to have them once you start organizing your belongings. 

The first step to compartmentalizing is taking everything out of your closet.

You can sort your clothes according to season and even match outfits with it. This way, you can go through each of your belongings and figure out which ones to keep and which clothes to store inside your personal storage

Take A Trip To The Furniture Store

Think storage boxes, storage stools, hanging sacks, hooks and hangers – these are excellent things to start with. Once you’ve taken everything out and segregated them, it’s time to make use of containers and store them accordingly.  

Stackable boxes are a smart way to maximize your space. To maximize your otherwise cramped closet space, you can stack hangers and place hooks behind your closet doors. There are several useful trinkets you can find inside a furniture store to further help you in compartmentalizing your belongings. You can also use these things to organize your personal storage unit. 

Taking Them Inside a Storage Space

Once you have successfully organized your clothes and accessories at home, it’s now time to head to your storage facility and begin keeping your packed belongings inside. As extensions of your closet, storage units should also be organized properly. Keep an inventory of your belongings so it will be easier for you to keep track of your clothes-especially those that are seasonal. 

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It’s also helpful if you organize a layout for your storage unit. Don’t forget to label your containers too. This way, you won’t have to worry about locating your items when you need to take something out. 

Protecting Your Clothes 

Storage units keep your clothes away from the elements that could damage it. Temperature-controlled units ensure that your belongings are stored at the right temperature away from weather conditions outside. If you plan on keeping your clothes inside your personal storage for the long term, our storage experts advise on visiting them periodically to check their condition. 

You can now have a comfortable shopping spree knowing that you have the storage capacity to keep your well-loved clothes. Visit us at The Box today so we can help you find the perfect storage unit for your needs.