Contactless Pick Up: The Benefits of This Storage Service

Contactless Pick Up: The Benefits of This Storage Service

Storage means and services are necessary to use depending on the requirement and purpose of the circumstance. As the COVID-19 Pandemic affects our daily life and has led to many individuals to downsize their businesses, move in with friends and even temporarily leave for their home country, a storage space can be of optimal help with the current situation. Moving all your items into a storage facility while keeping in mind all the safety restrictions and guidelines can be tedious and worrisome. With contactless pick-up services, you can be relieved of one hassle that requires your attention with the help of all the information detailed below. 

What Are Contactless Pick-Ups?

The new contactless pick-up offers a unique opportunity through which all of your items can be picked up right from your curb without having any direct contact and interaction. By keeping all your items ready and packed up outside your home, a professional from your preferred storage service will come to pick it up and take it away at a time that is convenient for you.

In this manner, you will reduce the chances of contracting the virus and also spreading it directly through contact. Both you and the storage service provider can stay protected by taking such measures that are both convenient as well safe. Your items will be secure as well within their packaging and the purpose of the service will be well-served keeping in mind your safety as well as that of others. 

Gets The Job Done

A storage service is used especially when you want to keep your personal space clutter-free and store away items that are otherwise not used daily. The same purpose can be met when making use of contactless pickup services that will take all of your desired items away and into your storage unit. As needed all items will be carefully stored with the expert care of the storage providers that run your preferred facility. 

If needed, you can also enquire about optimal packing solutions that the storage facility can offer along with their pick up service. This will ensure that your furniture will withstand any damages with time. As needed, an appropriate size of storage space can be booked either in advance or on the spot and you can have the amount billed to you as advised. 

Having your items taken away efficiently as well as ensuring that it is securely stored in your unit guarantees that the job is done the right way and just the way you want it. 

Save On Time and Effort

When otherwise using a self-storage space, you are required to have all your items packed and ready for the short journey to the facility without any further help. All of the efforts invested in moving the items and furniture from your home to the moving van and then to the storage space can be intense and tiring. It will also take up a large part of your day that might be otherwise needed for more important tasks. Therefore to save up on both time and effort, a contactless pick up can come to your rescue at a time of need and have all your items stored away just when you want it.  

Given the condition and recommendations by multiple health and wellness facilities in the world, staying outside your home for any amount of time can also be dangerous for you. To eliminate such high-risk possibilities, using a contactless pick up service for storing away all your personal items is both a reasonable as well as a safe idea. To avail such benefits, get in touch with our staff at The Box by calling us at 800-The Box or drop an email on and book your contactless storage pickup service today. Stay safe!