The Box Forest Initiative

The Box Forest Initiative

The Box plants a tree for every
new customer

Initiated on June 2019. In partnership with Tree nation (an online afforestation community based in Barcelona, Spain), we plant a tree on behalf of every customer that signs a new storage contract with us. Since June, we have planted 188 trees. Customers get a certificate each time a tree is planted on their behalf. This certificate contains information such as the species of the tree, the amount of CO2 it would offset and the project it supports. The physical location of the tree is also available on the certificate.

The trees are planted as part of various projects, within tree nation that take the benefits of tree plantation beyond just offsetting CO2. The Box supports a different project every month. In August for example, planted trees within the ‘Usambara Biodiversity Conservation, Tanzania’ that aims to conserve local biodiversity in a global biodiversity hot-spot by contributing to the conservation of the Magamba Mature Reserve and Jegestal Water source by planting fruit, fodder and other trees in order to reduce pressure (dependance) on forest reserve while creating income generating opportunities for the schools and villagers. So far, 1,342,759 trees have been planted as a part of this project that would compensate 1194329530 kg of CO2 in their lifetime. The Box has planted 92 trees already in this project so far.

Furthermore, our website has the CO2 neutral smart label that automatically compensates all the CO2 emissions the website generates. It tracks the website usage and calculates its related emissions. Our system plants the trees needed to compensate these emissions. Since initiation, there have been 29, 074 page views and trees have been planted to offset the corresponding 1,453 g of CO2.