Döstädning – A Scandinavian Way Of Decluttering Your Life

Döstädning – A Scandinavian Way Of Decluttering Your Life

People always find better ways to instill some organizing into their lives. In recent years, we have seen different organizing fads and decluttering techniques intended to make our lives easier. In your relentless search to find creative and unique ways of dealing with clutter, you might as well find yourself stumbling upon the Swedish Death Cleaning. 

No, this Scandinavian way or organizing your life doesn’t mean cleaning yourself to death. And it isn’t as morbid as it sounds. Swedish Death Cleaning is a simple, uncomplicated, and practical way of decluttering and organizing your life. 

Now, let’s get right into the details of Döstädning and how it’s an effective way to free yourself and your loved ones from a lifetime of clutter. 

What Is Döstädning?

For starters, Döstädning is a Swedish word that literally means death cleaning. But don’t let its strange name put you off. Unlike the gentler means of the KonMari method, the Swedish Death Cleaning is pretty straightforward and practical- you don’t necessarily need to feel if a particular item sparks your joy. Instead, you put all the things you want to use and keep on one pile and the ones you haven’t used in ages (and probably forgot of its existence) on another. Donate or sell the latter- it’s that simple. 

Now you may be wondering where the death part of  Döstädning comes into play. Well, it’s actually the thought of having our loved ones deal with our clutter on our passing. It’s all about how we live our lives and part of it is concerned with how we leave our loved ones. In its entirety, the concept of  Döstädning is an ongoing process. It is considered as something that you can do over the years. 

How Does It Work?

You don’t have to get straight into Döstädning and finish it in one go, as have described before, it’s a lifetime process of organizing and decluttering and going through your belongings. In our lifetime, we will own things that will be of great value and usefulness. Döstädning lets us continuously check on our things and let go of the ones that are not really of significance. 

You can start by having a personal storage unit, to keep the rest of your belongings in. As you go through your things, self-storage can help you be mindful of what you keep until you decide what to do with them later on. 

Margareta Magnusson, the author of The Gentle Art Of Swedish Death Cleaning, indicates that Döstädning can be a good opportunity to actually ask your loved ones if they want some of your belongings. She also says that there is a joy that comes with knowing that your things will be of good use at a new home. In addition, having a storage unit can prove useful in keeping your old journals, photo albums, and letters that you wish to pass on to your loved ones. 

A Thoughtful Way To Declutter Your Home And Your Life

There’s nothing as thoughtful as thinking about your loved ones when you declutter. Döstädning can be challenging, but it’s not something to be very emotional about. You can still have fun in sorting your belongings- as you stumble upon things that can take you on a trip to memory lane. Take a family member with you on your journey of Döstädning. And you don’t need to worry about dealing with space. You need to keep all your stuff, and your storage unit will be there with you throughout your Döstädning process.