Empty Nesters Reclaim Space at Home

Empty Nesters Reclaim Space at Home

Home items that can go into storage

When adult children leave the nest parents often experience a variety of emotions from sadness and disbelief to pride and excitement. Whether the child is moving across the country for his first job or graduate school, parents face an adjustment. While some parents leave their child’s bedroom just as he or she left it, other parents look forward to reclaiming the space to use for entertainment or a hobby. With more free time on their hands, empty nesters may decide to build a home gym or convert their child’s bedroom into a sewing room. As they near retirement, they may have greater opportunities to work from home, necessitating home office space.

Whatever the motivation, cleaning out a child’s bedroom brings up some questions, not least of which is what to do with all the child’s belongings. Will the child want the old bed, dresser, and desk? Are there old clothes or sentimental items the child may wish to take someday? Often when adult children first move out of the family home, they move into small apartments or shared living arrangements where they cannot bring all their treasured items.

One great option is to place the child’s treasured belongings into storage. Furniture, books, clothing, and sentimental keepsakes can be saved without concern for loss or damage. The right storage facility will provide a secure, climate-controlled environment to prevent loss or deterioration. Parents can enjoy the reclaimed space in their home and, when the adult child is ready to sort through his or her belongings, everything will be found in the same condition in which it was packed and stored.

When facing an empty nest, parents can be creative with their new free time and space. They need not be limited by the square footage of their home. A storage facility that provides convenience, personal care, and focused customer service can help to ease the transition. At The Box, we strive to meet the individual needs of all our customers so they can focus on the important things in life, like family, work, and mastering that new hobby.