Empty Nests And Storage Spaces- What Is Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty Nests And Storage Spaces- What Is Empty Nest Syndrome?

The moment has come for your youngest child to move out of the house. Now you have your home to yourself and your husband. You should be feeling proud yet your face betrays you. You go to your child’s room and pick up a picture frame. You close your eyes and tears start falling. 

As we live our lives, several things happen. We go through a lot of transitional events like this that open up new chapters which grant us opportunities to start anew. 

These events make us evaluate the things we own. From moving into a new house, building a family, putting the children to school,  to sending them off to college; it involves multiple cycles of decluttering, placing memories into self storage, letting go and acquiring new things. 

As a parent, it is fairly common to go through a period of loneliness, especially when your adult children leave home for college, to live on their own, or get married.  Looking at the things they leave behind may trigger some memories that can make you feel blue. 

What is Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty nest syndrome is defined by the feeling of grief that parents experience once their children leave home for the first time. Although empty nest syndrome is not recognized as a clinical disorder, it is a challenging time for parents. This is especially true for full-time mothers and single parents who experience heartbreak and loss of purpose once their children leave the nest. 

This phenomenon can take a toll on someone’s mental health. According to research, empty nest syndrome can cause extreme psychological distress, including stress, depression, frustration, and loss of motivation. 

However, empty nesters have the power to turn things around and use it as an opportunity to enjoy things, make room for self-discovery and explore new hobbies. 

Starting A New Chapter

Parents who are dealing with an empty nest may find it difficult to adjust during the first few weeks. The first step parents have to take to overcome the feeling of loneliness is to have a plan. As your fledglings leave the nest and take flight, use the time to decide the next steps to opening this new chapter of your lives- whether you are preparing to downsize, move out, or travel the world to tick through your bucket list.

Storage Facilties

This is the time you can spend on yourself and your partner. After many years of raising a child and taking care of them, it’s high time you get to enjoy the many things life can offer.

Unless you intend to create a time capsule out of your child’s room, it’s best to turn it into something that’s useful. 

Have you always wanted to have a home gym or a sunroom but never had the space to do so? Instead of letting all the memories your child has left behind gather dust, make it a room for yourself to enjoy. You can always place your child’s things in storage until they decide what to do with it in the future. Until then, you’ll rest easy knowing their belongings are safely stowed.

Considering to Down Size?

Financial benefits come with downsizing. Couples who choose to downsize have the opportunity to spend their savings elsewhere, away from huge mortgage, expensive utility bills, and hefty property taxes.

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The thing that makes downsizing a challenge is when it’s time to get rid of all the things that have accumulated in your home over the years since it may not fit into a smaller home. And usually, these things hold sentimental value. Getting a storage unit is a great way to keep your belongings that hold value to you as a couple and as a family

It is best to prepare and plan ahead if downsizing is your option. Consider this as a rite of passage both for you preparing for an empty nest and your child going off to college or moving out. Sort the things to include in your own home, from the ones that you can donate, sell or keep in self storage.

Moving Into Your New Home

Now that you have raised self-sufficient individuals, it’s now time to create a home for both you and your partner’s next adventure. Building your dream home when the kids move out may not sound easy. But building and customizing your current home to fit your new lifestyle needs can be exciting and therapeutic.

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However, for others, this could mean moving into a new city, or the countryside for retirement. Changing your address can involve several processes that can make it daunting and not something to look forward to. But there are also plenty of ways as well to have a smooth transition from one home to another. 

For instance, storage companies are always a great help during this transition in your life. Renting a storage unit will enable you to keep your belongings while you sell your old home, look for a new one, and buys you time while you decide what to do with the rest of your items. 

Getting a storage unit can ease the process of moving into a new home and ultimately give you a head start in opening the latest chapter of your lives. 

Now that you have an idea about downsizing, moving, and creating a new chapter of your life, let’s talk about the things you can do to enjoy your lives as a couple child-free. 

Get A New Hobby!

Don’t let the jitters of empty nest syndrome take over you. Now that you have so much time on your hands, it’s a perfect opportunity to learn a new hobby. Embrace the chance to learn something new. Trying new things is a lot more fun when you have someone to share the experience with. 

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Sign up for dance lessons, enjoy the outdoors, get back into music or maybe even learn a new sport. There are countless possibilities you can do together as a couple- for instance, exercising. Placing exercise as part of your daily routine can help ease the loneliness from an empty nest. 

Date Your Spouse

With none of your children around, every night can be a date night. Rekindle the old flame and reminisce with your spouse. There are a plethora of activities you can enjoy together with none of your children around. 

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Watch a late-night movie on a weekday night, or plan a dinner for two at a fancy restaurant. A picnic in the park is also a great idea. Why not go to a concert, play bowling, hit the arcade, or enjoy the activities you did as a young couple. Going to an amusement park, as adults can not only make you feel young but can help ease the blues that come with an empty nest.

Get Yourself a Reliable Storage Provider!

Having a trusted storage facility to help you take care of this transition in your life can definitely make all the difference. From the perfect storage for your child’s belongings, helping you move into a new home, to storing your prized possessions, storage companies see you through every milestone of your life. 

Start making new memories with us at The Box! We’ll gladly be part of this new chapter in your life.

If you’re interested to learn more about how to make the most out of your new home and more ways you can make room for tomorrow, visit our blog or drop by for a coffee. Let us help you brush your empty nest blues away.