End Of School Year: A Helpful List Of Belongings That You Should Store Away For The Summer

End Of School Year: A Helpful List Of Belongings That You Should Store Away For The Summer

If there is one thing all students look forward to, regardless of whether they are in high school or college, it is the end of the school year. Not only does it coincide with the summer holidays, but the freedom you experience knowing you do not have to worry about studies for a few months is exhilarating. However, as great as the vacation is, it is necessary to send items to temporary storage, especially if you plan to spend your holiday away from where you usually stay. Doing so will ensure your belongings are kept safe and secure until you can retrieve them. Therefore, we will explore some of the things that you can send to a facility in this blog.

Textbooks and notes

There is nothing as expensive or as crucial as a student’s textbook. However, as many of them are priced upwards of 200 USD, it can be a costly accident if they are damaged or lost. Therefore, they need to be securely wrapped in protective film and stored away in a unit. This will help ensure they remain in optimal quality throughout the holidays. 

Important notes also need to be stored in a container and moved to the storage space because they can be crucial for future semesters. If they are lost, re-writing them can be challenging, especially if they hold information that cannot be easily retrieved, such as details a professor shared verbally during their lecture. 

Electronic items

Electronic devices and appliances can be expensive to replace; therefore, they need to be moved to a storage unit for safe-keeping during the holidays. If you decide to take them on holiday with you, you could accidentally put them in harm’s way, as the likelihood of damage increases when there is constant shifting and movement. They also cannot be left in a vacant room as they could be taken if there is a break-in.

Therefore, make sure to send them to a storage facility before you leave. As all electronic items can be flammable, you need to pack them securely by removing batteries and detachable wires and wrapping them in anti-static bubble wrap. This will ensure they can’t be punctured or damaged in any way.


If you own any valuables such as jewelry or sentimental objects, do not keep them in an empty dorm room or apartment as there is a high chance that they could be stolen. Thieves tend to target vacant homes, and statistics show that robberies increase during summer. Therefore to keep these items safe, you should move them to storage facilities. When packing them, make sure to cover the objects with bubble wrap and put them inside opaque containers, so they are not recognizable at a glance. 

By doing the above, you can enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest without worrying about the safety of your belongings. Moreover, once you come back, you can easily retrieve them in time for your new school year. To know more about storage options, you can use, make sure to contact The box self-storage services LLC