What is self storage?

Simply put, self storage is putting your belongings in a private lockable room provided by a third party with free access to them any time of day, year round.

How much space do I need?

Our storage rooms come in a range of sizes, starting with lockers at 16 sqft, up to 1000 sqft and we will work with you to determine the size you require for your goods. Your room size can be changed at any time during your contract. Watch video.

How do the prices work?

The prices are dependent on the size of your storage room and the duration of your booking. Advance payment also has the advantage of a lower rate. Speak to our customer service agents to work out the best deal for you.

What are the payment terms and how do I make payment?

At the time of booking, one month’s deposit is required along with the first month’s rent. From then, payments are required one month in advance. You are also able to pre-pay your entire contract in advance. Credit card facilities are available at our customer service centre, bank transfers and cheques are accepted or create an account with us to pay your bill online with credit or debit card.

How long do I need to book my storage room for?

Our standard minimum rental period is one month. Our contracts are flexible and can be shortened or extended at any time.

Do I need to use boxes when storing my stuff?

Packing and storing your goods in boxes makes it easier to locate the items when you need them. By stacking the boxes, you are able to fit more into your room and with the humidity in Dubai, we recommend export packing when storing your goods for long periods of time. Packing materials can be purchased from our customer service centre or online.

What can’t I store?

Food or perishable items and animals or live creatures may not be stored. Hazardous goods as described within the The Box’s insurance coverage are expressly forbidden (a copy of the relevant clause will be provided upon customer request).

How do I access my storage room?

You’ll have 24-hour access, all year round to The Box storage facility with your access card which is issued once you check-in.

Are my goods secure? What security features do you have?

Our facilities have 24-hour security and CCTV surveillance and customers have personal access cards.

Can I use self storage for my business?

With self-storage, you only pay for the space you need, therefore you don’t have to commit to long-term lease agreements for warehouse space you don’t need.

How do I book my move with The Box?

Request a quote from our customer service centre, we’ll do a survey of your goods which needs to be moved and send you a quote. Once approved and paid, we’ll send our moving team to your home, ready for the move.

Do you only do moves within Dubai?

No, we do moves across the UAE as well as Beirut, Lebanon and Doha, Qatar.

How far in advance should I book my move?

As far ahead of time as possible to ensure a moving team is available on the day you require the move to take place.

Do you offer cleaning services for pre and post move?

Yes, we’ve partnered with The Perfect Help Group for customers who need cleaning services pre and post move. Ask your customer service agent for more information.

Do you offer a handyman service?

Yes we do, please let us know at the time of booking if this service is required so that we can schedule and quote accordingly.

What type of packing and unpacking services do you offer?

Our expert packers will ensure all your household goods are packed for transportation. Unpacking will take place at the new location.

What if I pack my household items and only need assistance to move the items to the new location?

No problem, we can do that too. We’ll send Two Guys & a Truck to load your boxes onto the truck and transport it and unload at the new destination.

How long will the move take?

It depends on the amount of items to be moved and the distance between the locations. Smaller moves are completed within a day, while larger moves might need up to two days.

Am I protected against loss or damage while my goods are in transit?

We’ll need the value of your items to quote on full insurance cover for the entire moving process.

Can my goods be stored until the new home is ready?

Yes of course, we have private lockable units varying in size from 25 sqft up to 1000 sqft. We can move your items to storage and once your new home is ready, we’ll transport it to the new location.

I’ve left the UAE and will not be able to return, however all my belongings are still in storage. Do I need to be in the UAE in order to have my goods shipped to my new country?

No, your presence is not required to do the export customs clearance, however you will need to provide us with a copy of your passport and UAE residence visa (cancelled visas are accepted).

What are the required documents I need to import my stuff back to my home country?

The requirements differ depending on the country we are sending to. It is better to contact our International Desk to provide you with an accurate list of documents to prepare.

How does shipping insurance work?

We offer a 3.5% insurance premium of the total declared value covering door to door, all risk with a deduction of AED 500 for each and every claim. This is optional, though we encourage you to take full cover for your valuable items.

How can I finalise the shipping booking?

First, you need to carefully review the quotation you received. If everything is understood, then you can proceed with completing the requirements. We will send you the country guide form for the required documentation. Secondly, fill out and complete the acceptance form found on the 3rd page of the quotation and send us a scan copy along with the required documents.

The last and final step is to make payment online using your debit/credit card. We’ll send you a booking confirmation upon receiving the full payment. We also accept bank transfer payments if this is more convenient for you.