For The Sentimental: Dealing With Your Prized Possessions ( And How To Store Them)

For The Sentimental: Dealing With Your Prized Possessions ( And How To Store Them)

Prized possessions are something you value and cherish the most and they hold a lot of sentimental value in your heart. You always want to keep them safe and out of any danger for many reasons. If it holds a sentimental value, then you probably revisit it a lot, or if you own something that are trophies of your greatest accomplishments, then you might want to keep them all safe. 

You can do so by following the tips below and ensuring that you always follow through with them when it comes to using a storage unit for your prized possessions. 

Keep Them Clean And Tidy

First and foremost, you always need to keep them clean. Your valuables can be anything, but they would still need to be cleaned. For instance, a photo album can collect dust over time if it is left unused, so make sure that you dust over it often.

If you own a trophy or maybe a certificate that you cherish the most, then they need to remain clean and tidy as well. Trophies are prone to collect dust, so they should be dusted often too. Certificates should be kept away from anything that can stain them or possibly crinkle them. 

Since these things hold a lot of value, it is better that you always have it in one piece whenever you revisit the memories associated with them as you visit your storage facility.

Do Not Put Them In Crowded Places

If you happen to put your prized possessions in the shelf area, then that can be too dangerous, especially if it is a fragile item. Shelves are usually full of decorative pieces or things that you take out often. If you keep your valuables in them, then there is a risk of the item falling down as you try to take out something else. Try to make a portion in one of your cabinets where it is not too crowded and place the delicate valuables there. 

Let us say that you kept a couple of pictures that hold dear to your heart in the corner of a drawer. It is very easy to crush and crinkle the pictures due to the sheer size of other things kept inside. As a suggestion, you can invest in some photo albums so that you can surely protect the quality of your photos. 

Store Them By Size

You can sort through your precious belongings and divide them by size and proceed to assign different places to put them in accordingly.  Small things can fit almost anywhere, and it is easy to keep them protected as well. You can hide them in the safest places, and you would not have to worry too much.

It is much harder to find a safe place for things that are relatively bigger, and you always need to be careful while you are handling it. You can rent a self storage unit to keep your valuables in since the storage units ensure safety and security for your most prized possessions. 

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