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Our Story

The Box was founded in 2007 starting with a few boxes stored in its founder’s home. Today it is the Middle East’s largest self-storage firm with regional operations in multiple cities. The Box has been recognized by the Dubai Economic Department as one of the top performing SME’s in the Emirate and listed in position 51 among the Dubai SME100 list. From the beginning, The Box has been a purpose driven venture that puts purpose over profits and people over profits. Which has led to an organization synced around a strong culture that prioritizes its values and the happiness of its staff who then in turn create a unique customer experience. The Box enables people to grow their homes, their business and seeks to relieve their stress by passionately solving related problems.

Each new facility increases access to our customers, creates jobs and solves the problem of growing self storage needs in the region – reducing clutter in homes and empowering more and more people to grow stress-free.

We are always looking for people with similar values and an interest in the self storage industry to share this incredible journey. If you are one of them, fill up your details below and let’s meet up for a coffee!

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