Fresh Beginning: An Expert Guide to Moving Internationally

Fresh Beginning: An Expert Guide to Moving Internationally

Moving abroad has become a standard part of many people’s lives over the years. Be it globalization or more awareness of what other countries have to offer, and many are now more willing to make a fresh beginning elsewhere. However, migrating for work or simply for a lifestyle change is not easy. It can become incredibly challenging if performed wrong. Therefore, we have compiled a guide that includes crucial aspects you need to know—such as ensuring your visa documents are in order and finding storage facilities—to help your international relocation be smooth and hassle-free. 

Try to have as much savings as you possibly can

International moving is not a cheap process. You need to consider many expenses such as visas, air tickets, customs, shipping charges, housing, bill payments, and groceries—some of which you need to bear the cost of even before you depart. Therefore, you need to make sure you have enough savings to cover these expenditures. It is a terrible idea to relocate and then figure out your finances because you will find it incredibly challenging to begin your new life. 

A general word of advice is to have a minimum of six months’ worth of savings. You also need to research the exchange rate and the cost of living in the place you are relocating to, as you can then estimate how much you will need to save. It is also essential that you keep a portion of your savings for emergencies and unexpected expenses that you may face after your move. 

Ensure all your documentation is up to date

When you are moving abroad, there will be plenty of documentation, and you need to ensure they are all up to date and kept securely. You typically need your birth certificate, marriage certificate, bank statements, sponsorship letters, and a valid passport to obtain visas to any country. Ensure that you have them ready before your appointment with the visa officer. 

You will also need to complete the necessary forms for customs and shipping. Ensure to fill them out accurately as customs can impose heavy fines for not adhering to their rules and regulations. When you receive invoices, make sure you have copies made before submitting or attaching them to your items. 

All the above documentation needs to be kept securely. It is recommended that when you eventually move, you should keep all the essential documents and invoices in your hand luggage as checked-in baggage has a higher risk of being lost or misplaced. 

Find a storage facility to keep your belongings.

It may not be possible to ship everything you need to your new residence abroad immediately. If you cannot keep them securely where you were staying previously, then finding a storage unit to store them in would be a good idea. 

We offer various spaces of different sizes so that you can pick the right one for your needs. They are also highly secured as there is a fire-protection system and 24-hour CCTV operation to ensure your items are protected at all times. Then, when you are ready to ship them out, you can send someone to collect them and prepare them for shipping. Or let us know, and we will deliver them to your local contact.

Relocating abroad can be an easy process if you ensure the above are followed correctly. Contact our moving company in Dubai, and our consultants will help you with further information on moving.