Furniture Storage: How To Prepare Your Furniture For Storage

Furniture Storage: How To Prepare Your Furniture For Storage

There are different reasons why people store furniture. Storage can help people who are moving or renovating and provide a safe place to store prior to selling or donating.

Some pieces of furniture are bulky and take up a lot of space. When you decide to have a lifestyle change and downsize, self storage can provide the space you need to store your furniture until you decide what to do with them. Similarly, you would want to have your own storage space if you need to keep antique or heirloom furniture in good shape. 

However, before thinking of placing your valuable furnishings into storage, you have to prepare them to ensure that they retain their quality no matter how long you plan on keeping them. 

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But not everyone is knowledgeable about how to store pieces of furniture the right way. Equipping yourself with the right know-how will guarantee that the furniture you store in self storage is safe, secure and will last for a long time. Here are a few of our fool-proof tips. 

Clean Your Furniture

This is an important precursor when you plan on storing them regardless if it’s short or long term. Make sure to wipe the dust off your furniture and empty the contents of cabinets and drawers. In the case of wooden furnishings, it is recommended to prepare it by sealing or applying a coat of wood polish. This will prevent your wooden furniture from damage. 

On the other hand, upholstered chairs, sofas and ottomans whether it is fabric or leather,  should be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed. There are products available in the market that are specifically designed to protect and maintain the quality of upholstery.

Pack The Right Way

Once all your furniture is cleaned and prepared, it’s now time for packing. It is important to do a good job at packing to ensure that your furnishings are safe from the pickup, travel, down to dropping and storing it into your self storage. 

If possible, disassemble your furniture when applicable, this makes transporting it easy and convenient. You also are able to save more space since it won’t take up much room in your storage. Don’t forget to wrap your furniture with pieces of fabric. Soft and padded bed sheets can be used as well. Fabric is breathable and therefore allows air to circulate. This prevents your furnishings from moisture and mold. 

Providing an extra layer of protection can also go a long way. Place bubble wraps on top of your fabric to provide extra cushion especially when transporting. You can take it out later once you arrange your belongings inside your storage unit. However, always remember to not directly place bubble wrap or plastic cover directly on your wooden furniture as it may encourage moisture buildup. 

Choose A Trusted Storage Facility

Finally, have a storage company you can trust. Placing your furniture into storage should not be a complicated process. Storage facilities also have packing supplies and moving boxes that are available so you won’t have to go through the hassle of purchasing them elsewhere. Picking the right storage size is also essential in keeping your furnishings.

Our storage consultants at The Box are more than happy to provide you with options that will work best for your needs. Give us a call at 800-THEBOX today to learn more about our climate-controlled storage that will ensure your furniture is safe, secure and in top shape.