Going Green: 5 Sustainable Storage Tips

Going Green: 5 Sustainable Storage Tips

With the climate movement growing steadily, the call for “Going Green” is echoing louder each day. Ecologically safe lifestyles and responsible decision making are replacing the environmentally harmful ways of the past and organizations across the world are adopting non polluting practices. Sustainability of resources is finally receiving its due attention. 


Now what is sustainability? Sustainability or sustainable development refers to the idea of maintaining long-term ecological balance by not depleting its natural resources. It involves a recognition of the finite nature of earthly riches, and being careful users, keeping the interest of future generations in mind. In  other words, development without compromising on longevity. And we can all play our part to preserve nature in all its beauty by living sustainably for which we must rethink virtually every aspect of our daily living. Environmentally aware individuals and organizations are switching their storage choices because let’s face it, storage is more often than not, about a lot of plastic boxes. So here are five sustainable storage tips for you to start your sustainability journey:


  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: the maxim

The three R’s is a framework for reducing plastic and unnecessary wastage which contribute heavily to damaging the environment. The best way to prevent clutter from accumulating is to be prudent buyers. Assess whether you really need what you are buying or if you could do without it. Do you need that plastic container you’re buying or can you repurpose something already available in your hands? Recycling the objects once used to serve a purpose, in innovative ways can also help prevent wastage without having to invest again.


  1. Choose the Material Wisely

When you do have to make new purchases, be mindful of what you are buying. Several alternatives to plastic are available now. From Willow, which is a rapidly renewable material to Rattan, a sustainable wood to seagrass, cotton, jute, canvas and other recycled materials including econyl or repreve are all better materials in the market.


  1. Second-Hand For The Save

Opting for second-hand items can help avoid the production of new materials. Not only does it add the rather queer charm of using an article what would have been a special something to somebody, it allows you to do your part for Mother Nature!


  1. The Smart Solution: Warehouse Facilities

A modern solution to this age-old problem of storage are warehouse facilities that offer individuals and organizations a storage solution which is safe and secure. Life style storage facilities which provide self-storage services are in demand because of their effective utility. A leading solution to storage in Dubai is The Box. They provide storage units such as mini warehouses to act as your furniture storage and to put away your stocks.


  1. Cardboard Packaging to Declutter

Most households, and offices have a lot of items which fall into ‘clutter’, often packed and shoved away until there is a need. And we all know, the go-to choice has always been plastic containers. Using cardboard packaging, be it for moving or storing away your goods underneath something, there is no more suitable eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. 


By now, it would be amply clear that if you have the will to make this switch to eco-friendly storage, there are several choices to aid companies take lead in the “go green” initiative.