Got A Small Closet? Check Out 7 Brilliant Shoe Storage Ideas

Got A Small Closet? Check Out 7 Brilliant Shoe Storage Ideas

If you live in a relatively smaller space as compared to your extensive shoe collection, it is essential to maximise every space you have and make the most out of it. You need to figure out different ways of storing your shoes without damaging them and making them easily accessible simultaneously. While it is not an easy feat, a few creative hacks have been developed over the years to help you out if this kind of situation ever appears.

Read on below for the most innovative ideas that can help you store your most precious shoe collection safely.  

Under The Bed 

Your bed is bound to take up most of the space in your bedroom, leaving a limited area for your other things along with the furniture. To cater to this exact problem, an under-the-bed storage method was developed so that people in this same circumstance can make the most out of the space given to them. You can use old boxes to store the shoes in or buy shoe storage compartments that can easily be kept underneath the bed. 

Under-the-bed storage allows people to keep as many shoes as possible since it is a broader space than other options. The storage compartments make it easier for you to view the collection before picking the shoes for the day. 

Utilising Hallway Space 

Hallways are the ideal place to keep furniture such as shoe shelves. A shoe shelf is usually compact and quite a simple piece of furniture that can adorn your hallway space effectively. Sometimes the shelf comes with an added benefit, such as a seat on top of it. 

While you occasionally sit on it, you can also store many of the shoes inside safely. It can be quite useful for you when you are in a rush and have to wear shoes in a hurry. You can easily sit on it and wear the shoes properly before leaving. 

Shoe Racks 

Shoe racks are usually very slim, and they can fit in almost any space stylishly. An ideal place to set up these racks is in the bedroom. If you are the kind that loves to flaunt their perfect shoe collection, then this storage option is an excellent one for you. 

Shoe racks come in all kind of heights, and if you want one for your extensive shoe collection, then tall and slim frames are always the right way to go. They can add a touch of flavour to your bedroom while helping you store your shoes safely. 

Hanging Organisers

This option can help you optimise your space in the best way possible, as it takes up as little space as possible. You can hang storage organisers on the back of your bedroom door or even at the end of the entrance door and keep your shoes in it. Furthermore, they can be hung inside your closet door; however, it depends on how much space there is. 

Boot Racks 

Boots are the most challenging when it comes to making space for shoes in a small area. If you own many pairs of long boots, you need to consider a different storage option for them. Luckily, there are storage racks available that are specifically designed for this purpose. These boot racks can ensure that your boots are always in prime condition and prevent them from becoming creased. 

Transparent Containers 

These containers come in small sizes, and you can invest in multiple boxes at the same time. This option allows you to place each pair separately and prevent them from clashing with each other in a small space. You can also stack these boxes on top of each other to make more space in the room. Due to their transparent feature, it is easier for you to identify the shoes you are looking for without disassembling the stacks of boxes every time. 

Self-Storage Opportunities 

While you may be attached to your shoe collection, there are often a few pairs of shoes that you do not use frequently, and they can be kept away in storage facilities nearby. Storage companies in Dubai, such as The Box, offer their exceptional storage services whenever you need them.