Got A Small Kitchen? Here Are Some Clever Ideas For Optimal Storage

Got A Small Kitchen? Here Are Some Clever Ideas For Optimal Storage

If one thing that is certain in Dubai is that most apartments have limited floor space, small kitchens are standard fare. For a person who fancies making scrumptious meals, employing clever solutions to maximize storage without sacrificing floor space is crucial. If it is difficult to come up with your ideas, do not worry. In this blog, we will explore a few creative and highly effective concepts that you can utilize. All you need is a pen, notepad, and a call to The Box, and you will be on your way to enjoying a spacious room in no time.

Mount double duty shelves on vacant walls

The best weapon a person with a small kitchen has is vertical space. If utilized correctly, empty areas on the wall can provide ample storage without making it difficult to move around the kitchen. A practical solution is double-duty shelves. They are multipurpose; therefore, you can store dishes on top and hang pans and spatulas below. 

It is incredibly beneficial as it allows you to make use of space that will otherwise be wasted. An additional benefit is that it will enable you to retrieve anything you need while preparing meals quickly; therefore, reducing cooking time significantly. 

Send rarely used dishes and appliances to self-storage units

Many people tend to hold onto dishes and appliances they rarely use. While it might be challenging to give them up, especially if they are needed during specific seasons, they take up space that you can use for other purposes. Therefore, you should keep them elsewhere. 

If your storeroom does not have adequate room, then you can store the items in storage units. The box self-storage services LLC Dubai provides individual storage units of different sizes, so you can pick the one that suits your needs. In addition, they can be temperature-controlled and are also monitored 24/7, so your things will be safe and secure. They can also be accessed anytime, so you can easily retrieve an object when necessary.

Make the most of drawers

One of the most storage-friendly areas in a kitchen is the drawers. They can hygienically store anything needed, from spices to cutleries, without allowing critters to access them. Unfortunately, however, most people tend to leave them in disarray; therefore, wasting the crucial space they provide. 

If you want to make the best use of the space, then install dividers in the drawer. They will make it easier to keep things organized and retrieve items.

Install a pegboard on the wall

If you have empty wall space, installing a pegboard can provide you with extra storage convenient to access. A few hooks can easily allow you to hang pans and tools on the wall. You can also hang additional attachments such as storage bins to store more items. 

A distinct benefit that pegboards provide is the freedom to customize as required. For example, a person can change the layout of hooks and attachments depending on the items they need to store. This eliminates the need for additional shelving or cupboards.

If you wish to optimize storage in a small kitchen, the above ideas can be beneficial. Also, they are easy to put into practice. You can find the fittings at a homeware store close to your home or order them online. To purchase a storage unit, you can contact the box shop in Dubai for further information.