Have You Heard About Maximalism? Discover How Maximalism Fights Clutter

Have You Heard About Maximalism? Discover How Maximalism Fights Clutter

We had it coming. 

Over the years, minimalism had taken the headlines and has influenced several lifestyle changes all over the world. From interior designs, fashion, and architecture, minimalism has become a revolution throughout the decades. But it’s about time to make room for a new movement- come through Maximalism.  

Lifestyle choices ultimately boil down to one common goal- human fulfillment. People choose to lead a lifestyle that makes them happy, contented and fulfilled. Unsurprisingly, early Greek philosophers have been debating on how to reach happiness or as they called it eudaimonia.  Fast forward to the 21st century, and we’re still arguing about the ideal lifestyle to lead. 

The contrast between minimalism and maximalism is simple. With minimalism. Less is more and for maximalism, you guessed it right – More is more. The thing with modern-day minimalists is that they know how to utilize storage services effectively. 

Perhaps a response to the minimalist lifestyle, and the lack of variety thereof, maximalism serves as its polar opposite. Characterized by loud, over-the-top styles, and bold, saturated color palettes. But there could be a fine line between maximalism, hoarding, and clutter. 

Don’t be conflicted by Maximalism. Contrary to popular belief, this interior design movement can fight through a riot of clutter as well.  Let’s find out how.

Maximalism in a nutshell

With all due respect to minimalism. Maximalism begs to argue that more is more. It does not mean embracing clutter though. One thing that draws the line between clutter and maximalism is that, for the latter, everything is curated. Each design element is chosen with care and thoughtfully planned out. It isn’t a mumble jumble of things- rather an amalgamation of elements that bring happiness, and sentimental value, into one cohesive theme. 

That being said here are the elements that make up a maximalist home:

  • Layering of design elements
  • Statement arts/ pieces
  • Bold, saturated color palette
  • Blending of different textures
  • Repetitive and Loud Patterns

Maximalism encourages the utilization of space to the maximum potential. This could even mean having secret storage spaces amongst the different layers of design inside a room. Ultimately, a maximalist home is a translation of personality, individual expression, emotions, and experiences. Rather than a cluttered mess, maximalism lives by the principles of going big and keeping things tidy.

Maximalism Vs. Clutter

As someone whose over-the-top, extra, and right down creative, you may consider embracing the maximalist lifestyle after all. However, it’s crucial to understand how maximalists steer away from clutter and chaos. So how do maximalists fight clutter? 

The answer can be boiled down to four reasons. 

All design elements are curated. 

A maximalist home is excessive, but all design elements are properly curated. There is a thought process in deciding which one goes with what, or where things should be placed. There are emotions tied to these things and every aspect of a maximalist home is something that sparks joy. Maximalist interiors have a theme, a story; unlike clutter that’s irrelevant, offends, and triggers stress.  One-in-one-out policy is popular for maximalists. This helps them regulate the things that go with their designs.

Size is always considered.

Although more is more, a maximalist always considers the room size. Design elements may be over-the-top, but space is always taken into account. Maximalists don’t cram things together, rather blend design elements seamlessly to create unity and a welcoming space.

Tidiness is a virtue. 

Maximalists hate disorder, chaos, and above all, clutter. Despite the striking, bold, and saturated color palette and eccentric statement pieces, a maximalist home works. The cohesion of different design elements brings harmony and tidiness. Wherever you are in a maximalist home, you’ll find that each design element can stand on its own, but even works better as a part of a room. 

Maximalists rely on storage services.

It’s no surprise that not only minimalist rely on storage units, but maximalists as well. A fundamental aspect of maximalism is the continuous process of editing and improving, self storage units are popular for maximalists since it gives them the freedom to edit, and improve their homes. This also means not compromising on the things they love as well. 

Interested in having a maximalist home?

Remember that being a maximalist is also a responsibility and commitment to having a space that works and is clutter-free. Whether you want a minimalist home, a maximalist space or something in between, a reliable storage services company can help you along the way.  Talk to us at The Box, and we’ll take care of all your storage worries. Visit us for a coffee or two, we might even help you brew up your design ideas!