Helpful Tips For Making The Best Use Of Your Storage Unit

Helpful Tips For Making The Best Use Of Your Storage Unit

Keeping your surroundings neat and organized helps you to maintain your mental health. But if you do not have enough space to place your belongings, it will be a barrier to having a clean area. As a promising method of managing your storage, you can hire a self-storage unit and store rarely used belongings. Although, using a storage box does not give you the best results if you do not organize the stuff properly. We have accomplished the below tips to get the best use of your storage unit.

  • Create a list

If you are placing lots of items in storage boxes, there might be an instance where you mixed up the boxes, and you might forget what you have placed there. Maintaining a list of items will help you locate the exact place of the items in the self-storage. It would be better to create a list in each box, and it will benefit you for finding your things later on. At a more sophisticated level, you can add relevant photographs and special mapping tips.

  • Choose transparent plastic boxes

Though cardboard boxes are a good way to store items due to their low cost, it is more recommended to use transparent plastic boxes. Using transparent plastic boxes provides you with ease in identifying inner items. 

  • Heavy items on the corner bottom

Stacking will be easier if you use equal-sized boxes. Start with large, heavy items like furniture and hefty boxes while packing stuff inside the storage unit. Place them at the bottom of the storage unit, towards the rear. It prevents crushing smaller and lighter boxes. The bottom box should be strong enough to resist the weight of all the other boxes stacked on top of it. This provides a solid foundation for lighter goods.

  • Disassemble the stuff

When storing furniture and large machinery, they might consume a large amount of space. Therefore, it is good to disassemble before storing to reduce space consumption to an unbelievable level, which helps you store more.

  • Frequently used items at the front

In some instances, you may need to store some items, but still, they might be frequently used. These items should be stored in the front of your storage unit is clearly labeled boxes or containers. Placing them near the door in an easily accessible location will spare you the hassle of having to sift through mountains of boxes every time you visit the storage unit.

  • Labeling

You will remember the exact locations right after the storage is done, but you might forget the locations after a few days. Labeling the boxes can help you to find out the correct place, even after years.  Use a permanent pen or printed tags to label each box clearly. Ensure the box’s labeled side is facing the front of the storage unit so you can see it when you enter.

When you are using a self-storage unit, you must consider the above tips. If you require a self box contact us at The Box. We will provide all kinds of storage facilities and consultancy regarding choosing the optimum size of the storage unit in Dubai