How Clutter Affects Your Brain – And Why A Tiny House Can Make You Feel Better

How Clutter Affects Your Brain – And Why A Tiny House Can Make You Feel Better

As we naturally form emotional attachments to our possessions and live in a culture that encourages compulsive shopping, clutter has become an unavoidable fact of life. Unless you’re a truly minimalistic person or are good at organizing your storage, you’re likely to have lived among clutter at some point in life.

Studies have already shown that our physical environments have a direct influence on how the brain works, mainly in terms of cognition, emotions, and subsequent behaviors. It turns out that this influence is true for clutters as well, and here is how.

Reduces Working Memory

Generally our brains prefer order, and the visual reminders of disorganization drains most of our cognitive resources, impacting our ability to focus effectively. It also increases cognitive overload and reduces working memory.

A 2011 neuroscience research concluded this effect, where decluttering home and work environments showed improved focus, ability to process information and productivity.

Mental Stress
Clutters normally have the tendency to make you feel stressed, anxious, and depressed, even just at the sight of it. Mothers who live in a cluttered environment are also found to be having higher stress levels than those in organized surroundings.

A chronically cluttered home is also seen to result in constant low grade fight or flight response, which affects how you react to risky situations, digest food, and even leaves your body at a greater risk for type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Your brain can only handle a certain amount of stimulus during a given time or period. Living in a cluttered environment can constantly overstimulate your mind because of the junk around. This affects your memory and cognitive skills negatively, which eventually exhausts and strains your mental -well being.

Cluttered environments can also alter your brain and the way you think, making it difficult to choose or interpret your emotional expressions, affecting your relationship with others.

Expert-backed decluttering tips reveal that choosing appropriate storage services or solutions is one of the best ways to keep your house organized, mess-free, and with a healthy surrounding.

Experts at The Box storage, pioneers in providing moving and self-storage services across Dubai, recommend that choosing tiny houses is a more sustainable option to keep your surrounding clutter-free and most importantly to make you feel better. Here is what favors this suggestion.

Less Expensive To Build
Buying or building a tiny house, if you have the skills for it, is significantly more cost efficient than buying a typical house. The low price lets you simply buy the house by cash payment and live a life free from traditional mortgages and related debts. Even if you opt for a loan payment, the installments for it will be much smaller with a short repayment period.

Energy Efficient And Easy Maintenance
Tiny houses need exceptionally less energy supporting low utility bills. Your house will require less power to insulate (heat or cool) the air, accounting to a quarter or less than the bill you pay for a traditional house.

Similarly, a tiny house comes with having less space to clean and maintain. You won’t have to buy as much cleaning supplies or spend time making sure the house is tidy all the time. Easy maintenance gives more time to relax and do things you love the most, encouraging a stress-free and happy lifestyle.

Decluttered Lifestyle And Easier Choices
A tiny house forces you to reduce hoarding habits. Whenever you want to buy something you will put much thought into it as if it is something that you really need and not because you simply like it.

On the other hand when you want to buy something new, the limited space gives you a chance to look at your possessions and get rid of things that are of no use, to create space for new purchases. This way you will often declutter your possessions every time you make a purchase decision and have only meaningful and really necessary things.

Alongside making choices easier, a decluttered lifestyle reduces stress, sets a calm and productive environment, and makes future moves completely hustle-free.