How to Make Your Spring Cleaning Eco-Friendly

How to Make Your Spring Cleaning Eco-Friendly

Spring has sprung and now’s the time to start refreshing your space for the new season ahead. There’s no better way to shed the clutter and dust of winter than by opening all the windows in your home and clearing out all of the unwanted items you’ve collected during the colder months. While cleaning your entire home may feel like an overwhelming task, all you have to do is take it slow and incorporate a few new methods into your cleaning regimen. 

Remove All Clutter

Before you can get down to the nitty-gritty of actually cleaning and removing dirt, you’ll need to start with removing major clutter and items that you no longer want or need. Maybe you have a few lingering holiday decorations that need to be put into storage. For items that you know you will want again for the next holiday season, or that are only of use to you during the colder months, putting these items in storage is best to keep them out of the way. Instead of purchasing clunky plastic totes that are harmful to the environment, look into more eco-friendly storage container options. In doing so, you can ensure your items won’t be damaged in storage, and when you no longer need your storage containers, they won’t damage the environment if you choose to discard them. 

Next, you’ll want to move on to your closet. Just about everyone likes to give their closet a good clear out with the change of seasons, especially in the spring time when you probably won’t be needing those heavy sweaters and coats for the time being. During this time, maybe you’ll find some clothing items you haven’t worn in months or even years, and don’t foresee yourself ever wearing again. You might as well remove these items from your closet completely. Instead of simply donating these items, selling your clothes to an online thrift store could be a way to make a little bit of money, while also making sure your clothing isn’t going to the landfill or contributing to the pollution of the planet. 

Organize What You Keep

Now that you’ve cleared out what you don’t want to keep, it’s time to organize the remaining items so that you can easily access them and keep them out of the way when you don’t need them. Look around your home for empty shoe boxes and glass jars. These are an easy and free way to organize smaller items. For larger items, consider a trip to your local thrift store for wicker baskets and other storage containers that can be used for organizing items of any size. Shopping second-hand ensures that you are reusing items rather than contributing to landfill by throwing away unwanted items. Any opportunity to reuse items, whether they are yours or someone else’s, is a great way to be sustainable. 

Switch Out Your Cleaning Products

Once everything is put away and has its own spot, it’s time to deep clean the major areas of your home. The kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, all need a good refresh to make your spring cleaning complete. Cleaning products can be very harmful to the environment, so finding ones that are made sustainably and with safe ingredients is important if you want to be more environmentally conscious. Cleaning products with eco-friendly ingredients are not only better for your home, but they are better for you as well. Common cleaning products have harsh chemicals in them that aren’t very good for you to breathe in. If you switch over to “green” cleaning products, you’ll be taking steps to save your health, the air in your living space, and the environment around you when you use and eventually discard these products when they are used up. 

Making environmentally conscious decisions when cleaning and organizing your home for spring doesn’t have to be difficult. Making a few simple switches to your every-day items can help you be kinder to the environment. 

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