How To Maximize Space: Double Your Kitchen Space With These Tips

How To Maximize Space: Double Your Kitchen Space With These Tips

Whether in a compact studio, a tiny apartment, or a residential home, your kitchen space needs special attention and superb organization skills to make preparing food a delightful experience. It can always get overwhelming to deal with all the clutter, limited spaces, and numerous kitchen tools while doing chores at home. That’s why we gathered a few tips on maximizing your kitchen space, making it efficient and functional.

Add Risers or Shelf Liners to your Cabinets and Drawers

If you don’t have enough storage space for dishes, supplies, and cooking utensils, a good idea would be to add risers or shelves. If you have tall shelves, adding risers can help you find pantry items quicker than searching through a pile of cans or containers. Also, utilize that unused vertical space by installing risers in cabinets. Plates, for example, can be placed at the bottom of the shelf, and bowls or cups can be stored on the risers. Depending on your space and the supplies you need to set aside, you can take advantage of risers and shelf liners to expand your kitchen space.

Utilize Hanging and Wall-Mounted Storage

Hanging and wall-mounted stockpiling can be a functional technique for expanding your kitchen space. A wall-mounted dish rack can free up counter space, allowing you to wash dishes efficiently. Wall-mounted hanging pot shelves, mugs, and glass containers can also help to create more storage while placing your regularly used kitchen tools close at hand.

Make use of Partitions for Cutlery and Other Kitchen Utensils

Cutlery trays are a good organizing tool for your knives, spatulas, spoon, forks, and other commonly used kitchen utensils. Instead of shoving these items into a cupboard, you can use cutlery trays to free up space. You’ll also locate items much faster when they’re organized in partitions rather than being jumbled-pile together.

Remove all Packaging and Store Bulk Items in Glass Jars or Containers

Random packaging materials for food items and staples can take up a considerable amount of room in your kitchen pantry, making your kitchen space look unorganized and wasting a lot of space that could be used to store something else. Instead of placing bulk items in their original boxes, placing them in glass jars or plastic acrylic containers that can be displayed or stacked neatly in your pantry would be a good idea. Investing in a stackable glass storage container can assist you with organizing your staple items, removing the cluttered impression of packaging and bags, preserving fresher foods, and checking whether you need to replenish your supplies in just a glance.

Install an Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

It may seem like a minor detail on your kitchen sink, but installing an over-the-sink cutting board can make a difference. If your counter space is limited, a chopping board that fits your kitchen sink can provide a workable, convenient, and functional kitchen space. There are a lot of over-the-sink cutting boards with built-in colanders, which allow you to chop and wash food items conveniently and efficiently.

Invest in Space Saving Kitchen Accessories

There are kitchen accessories that allow for significant space savings while also making food preparation relatively easier. It includes stackable measuring cups, knife stumps, and recipe holders. These space-saving accessories may be simple solutions, but they make a big difference in the kitchen’s daily life.

Create a Designated Place for Everything

To ultimately avoid clutter and save yourself from the trouble of looking for misplacing kitchen items, you must have a designated place for everything. If you want to double space and make your kitchen look organized and put in place, make an effort to have a permanent area or invest in self-storage spaces for your unused kitchenware.

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