How Your Summer Storage Strategies Differ From The Winter Ones

How Your Summer Storage Strategies Differ From The Winter Ones

Seasonal items used especially for a specific period. These are mostly associated with clothes and other items such as summer camping gear or sports equipment. Seasonal items can also include Halloween and Christmas decorations or any holidays such as Thanksgiving. The problem with having these items is the need for adequate storage space.

Having a storage unit is an excellent investment, especially for keeping your seasonal items. You don’t have to worry about buying the new coat you’re eyeing or a pair of cute sandals you’ve wanted to purchase. Your self-storage lets you be on top of your belongings while providing your personal space freedom from clutter and disorganization.   

Plenty of individuals are wrong in thinking that storing away seasonal items is a pretty straightforward task-where you can simply keep them inside boxes and store them into your storage unit. But it doesn’t have to be complicated either. Since seasonal items are created differently, especially in their purpose, there are different ways of storing these items, depending on how and when you use them. Let’s examine the differences between storing summer items and your winter articles. 

Dealing With Summer Items

As the weather cools down, you may not be needing your summer gear, clothes and outdoor equipment. This is where storage units come in. As with the things that you place into storage, packing them right is important. Segregate your summer items per category and label them accordingly. This will make it easier for you to rotate and retrieve your items come winter.  In addition, by packing your items the right way, you’ll have an easier time unpacking them.  

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Summer equipment such as camping gears are usually heavy, so stacking them efficiently is important. These items are usually stored in tiers. The golden rule is to place the heavier ones at the bottom and the lighter, fragile ones on top. The same thing applies to beach items including, surfboards, frisbees, and summer sports gear. Storing summer clothes are easier since they are lightweight. Pack your summer articles safely on boxes and organize them.

Storing Winter Items

In a city such as Dubai, where temperatures can go as high as 48oC, having a climate-controlled storage unit will save you all the trouble keeping your winter items safe and well-maintained. Usually, we associate winter items with holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, fairy lights, and other winter ornaments. You would want to preserve their quality so you can use it for the next year. 

It all comes down to how and where you are storing them. 

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Unlike summer wear, winter clothes can be bulky-think fur coats, jumpers, sweatpants. In storing your winter wardrobe, our experts at The Box advise on having a clothes rack where you can hang heavy winter coats stored inside garment bags. This will also save you room since you won’t be storing them in boxes anymore. Vacuum sealing your winter articles can be a good idea, but remember to not store them in for a long time. 

Final Words

Whether you’re storing your summer or winter items, there are three keys to perfect storage- packing, organizing and the storage unit. At the Box, we recognize the importance of the three, and we can help you look for the perfect storage unit to keep your beloved items safe and sound. Pay us a visit today and we will be happy to show you around our facility.