Importance of Self-Storage to Urban Nuclear Families

Importance of Self-Storage to Urban Nuclear Families

Nuclear families, meaning a household that consists of a couple and their children, are becoming increasingly urban. They are living in metropolitan spaces because of work, school responsibilities, and the increased modernization of these areas. This means that cities are growing at a fast pace. This has led to a shortage of space in some cities. This is not as big of a problem in Dubai, offering large villas and new developments that are much bigger than their London or Manhattan counterparts, but no matter where you are, an expanding family can grow out of its space quickly. 

Growing families need flexible storage spaces. Moving accommodation is not an option for everyone, so having additional self-storage can be a quick and easy solution for nuclear families. Families evolve over time and the things we keep evolve too. It is typical for families to want to store memories, childhood treasures and items used for weekend activities or holiday hobbies. 

On a practical level, it is important to keep a decluttered home for cleanliness purposes. Decluttering can also help protect young children from being exposed to potentially hazardous household items. Ensuring a safe environment for your children is normal, but that does not have to mean getting rid of all your items that are not childproof. Putting these items into temporary storage ensures that they will be easily accessible for when you may need them. 

Many families are also seeing children living with them for longer periods, due to the rising housing prices and the impact of COVID-19. Some nuclear families are experiencing their children moving back home after college or university. This can also lead to storage issues because of the accumulation of things that your children need for school and dorms. Since children moving back into the home at this stage is often temporary, it would be wise to use flexible storage options to house these items, and save yourself from spending money on repurchasing them. Flexible storage spaces allow you to change how much storage you need at any point in time, so it can expand and contract as your family does. 

Family heirlooms can be some individuals’ most prized possessions. Having an item that has been in the family for generations or wanting to start that tradition is very sentimental. But, finding the space to keep these items that are not necessarily for everyday use can be tricky. Grandma’s floral lamp may not fit into the aesthetics of a modern home, but that does not mean it should be done away with.

Most families have shared hobbies. The issue with hobbies is that sometimes they can be seasonal or sometimes your family naturally grows into and out of them. Sporting goods and gaming items, in particular, can take up a lot of space in the household – a real nuisance if they are not used regularly. Putting them in storage does not have to mean that the items are inaccessible. Drive-up units and personal, secure access to your storage locker means that you can use these items as and when you need them. 

Situations such as growing families, keeping a safe and clean home, returning family members, inherited heirlooms, as well as shared hobbies, point to how self-storage can be of use to urban nuclear families. It is easy to make room for your household when you need it.