Instantly Get Additional Space at Home by Storing These Items

Instantly Get Additional Space at Home by Storing These Items

Self storage is a popular option for people who need a little extra room. Today’s modern storage facilities offer clean, brightly lit units that are spacious and easy to access. If you’ve decided to take advantage of self-storage, here are five types of household items you can store to make more room at home.

Sentimental belongings

You’ve probably collected many things over the years that you hold dear: school awards, gifts from your parents or relatives, or your children’s baby clothes. But you don’t need to store every single one of these items at home. Instead, pick your favorite ones to display and pack the rest of them for storage. You can always go through them later and select new ones to display in your home.

Extra kitchen items

If your kitchen counters have been overtaken by appliances and your cabinets are crammed with dishes, it may be time to put some of these items in storage. That extra dinnerware set that your aunt gave you? Or that espresso machine that you never use? No need to sell, donate or throw away these items. Just pack them into storage until you have a need for them or feel like using them again.

Sports equipment

A storage unit is the perfect place to keep any of those bulky sports items that you don’t need to access every day. Maybe you only need your golf clubs or equestrian equipment for certain events. Self storage can keep these large items safe and out of the way until you need them.

Rarely used clothing

Is your closet bursting with clothes that you don’t use? By putting your least often used clothing in storage, you can finally reclaim your closet space. Everything from wedding dresses and tuxedos to extra shoes and boots are great candidates for storage.

Infrequently used items

Just look around your home and you’ll uncover all kinds of things that you only use a few times a year. Suitcases, air mattresses, extra dining chairs and other spare furniture are all items that can be stored out of sight until you need them.

Think of your storage unit as that extra bedroom or storage closet you’ve always wanted. By using it to its full potential, your home will instantly feel more spacious and comfortable.