Keeping Organized While Packing Can Be Challenging So Here are 5 Hacks To Help

Keeping Organized While Packing Can Be Challenging So Here are 5 Hacks To Help

The excitement of starting a new chapter and moving to a new place can be clouded by overwhelming concerns about how to pack your belongings. It can be tedious and overwhelming, but it can also be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

To help you with packing, you’ll need a systematic strategy and a few helpful techniques. If you’re in the process of a move and could use some advice, here are five hacks to help you organize while packing that will make your life so much easier.

Sort Your Belongings Before Packing

Don’t just gather boxes and suitcases and dump all your belongings wherever they fit. Sorting and arranging your belongings before you begin packing will make your life so much easier. Go through your belongings room by room, and sort your items into piles for charity, resale, and discard or recycling.

As you go through each room, group the “keep” and “donate” objects in an orderly manner. If you have any garments lying around your home office, or books spread throughout the house, make sure to bring everything to their rightful place before you begin packing. This way, you can ensure you only get what you need and won’t accumulate too much space in your packing containers.

Make Use of To-Do Lists and Labels

There are several checklists that can help you stay organized while packing. For instance, you can create to-do lists for tasks that must be completed before moving. Inventory lists are also helpful if you’re storing your belongings before unpacking. Expense lists will help you keep track of your moving expenditures. Having checklists will help you track how far you’ve prepared and what things you still have to do.

Labels are also essential to organize your packing process. If you spend so much time sorting and packing your belongings, you must put labels to ensure you have everything you need. You can place written labels on the sides and top of your moving boxes; so you know what they are and be easier to unpack. You can also be more precise, for example, labeling each box with its designated rooms. It will ensure you know what’s in each box before you open it. And so you can place them in the correct location once you’re in your new place.

Create a Designated Packing Area

Having all your packing items scattered throughout the house can be really messy and overwhelming. To help you focus on the packing task, create an area where you can grab what you need without having to look for things you need.

Traveling from one room to another may cause your focus to shift to other tasks you may spot. So, take over a corner, a counter, or an entirely empty room. You must ensure your area has every packing supply you need, such as adhesives, markers, and containers.

Pack Essential Items Separately

You can pack your essentials separately to provide easy access to them throughout the move. The majority of these will be personal necessities such as hygiene products, clothing, and electronic devices, and you can consider an overnight bag. Make sure you have these necessities on hand; so you don’t have to search through your bins and boxes once you arrive at your new place. In this way, you’ll also have a systematic order of how you pack your things that would ultimately keep your packing process organized.

Start on Areas You’re Not Actively Using

A final tip that would keep you organized while packing is making sure you begin with the places you aren’t regularly using. You can start in your basement or your living room, as it will reduce the interruption to your daily routine. But, this also means not leaving your kitchen the last to pack and arrange.

Kitchens are the most difficult to pack because of all the breakable items and appliances that must be carefully encased. So, you must pack your glasses and tableware carefully to ensure they arrive in one piece.

Take note of these helpful hacks if you have a hard time organizing your moving process. But if you need more professional help, we’re not only here for this advice. We are professional movers and packers that could assist you with packing and your local move. Find out why people choose us for their local and long-distance moves.