Let’s Pack Green! – Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions For Your Unit

Let’s Pack Green! – Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions For Your Unit

When we talk about securing our family’s future, perhaps the first thing that comes to our mind is the financial aspect of it. This includes getting a pension, applying for insurance, and looking for investments. 

While these are all important, the environment is something that’s overlooked. In today’s world, being environmentally conscious is essential; especially, since we’re experiencing climate change, and global warming has reached new heights.

We should be looking for ways to save our resources today in order to secure our future tomorrow. In small ways, we can contribute by gradually converting to eco-friendly solutions in our daily routines. This could be reducing the use of plastic when picking up groceries or saving energy by simply unplugging equipment that is not being used. 

Surprisingly enough, people are employing environment-friendly solutions in places you wouldn’t normally think of – their storage facilities

Why Pack Green?

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According to the Gazette, in the US alone, the self-storage market earns $38 billion annually. Just imagine how much of the US population is renting storage units and the difference they can make if they started going green in terms of their packaging. But just how important is going green with your storage unit?  

Reduces Waste

Being environmentally conscious will enable us to make decisions that are sensitive to our surroundings. And these decisions, although small, can have a huge impact. For instance, minimizing the use of unsustainable materials such as plastic bags can not only reduce the staggering 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waste but will also combat pollution and save our oceans. 


Reducing your waste will also mean a reduction in your costs, especially in the long term. While investing in eco-friendly alternatives may cost you higher than traditional products at first, it will be sustainable, long-lasting, and help you save a ton of money over time.

Helps Reverse The Effects Of Climate Change

The reality is, it would take a lot of time to reverse the effects of climate change. But if each of us takes the smallest step in the right direction, we could go a long way. In the words of David Suzuki, an environmental activist, “In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket.”

Makes Better Use Of Limited Resources

By packing green, we are able to use our resources efficiently. Studies have shown that if we don’t take the necessary steps to utilize our resources properly, we will end up with just about enough resources to sustain only 29 percent of the world’s population over the next 100 years. And if that’s not enough to convince you, we have approximately 29 years left to act before the earth runs out of natural food. 

For some people, packing green may be a new idea. However, investing in eco-friendly storage practices will be beneficial not just for the current generation but for the generations to come.

Being Environmentally-Friendly

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In an ideal world, you would choose a storage facility that’s eco-friendly, that is, a facility that runs on renewable energy,  makes use of sustainable materials, and operates with the latest green technology. However, since the idea of “green storage” is a fairly new concept,  most storage service companies are still in the process of embracing the idea. There are still several actions you can take to choose a storage unit that’s eco-friendly. Here are a few of them:

Go For A Climate-Controlled Storage Facility

Any goods, no matter how durable they may seem, are perishable under extreme weather and temperature. Ultimately, your damaged belongings end up in the same place – the dump yard. This means more waste, thus making you a contributor to the millions of tons of waste generated each year. 

Opt For Long-lasting, High-quality, And Eco-friendly Packing Materials

When you buy packing materials for your storage unit, opt for high-quality materials that will last longer and are recyclable. This way you won’t have to buy new supplies whenever you need to pack and unpack. Buy biodegradable materials and avoid the ones that are made of non-biodegradable plastic and polystyrene or styrofoam.

Reuse Old Packing Supplies

Ensure that when you transfer things from your storage facility to your home, a donation agency or a recycling firm, you store the packing supplies for future use. In the event that you won’t be using them anymore, drop it at a recycling center.

Upcycle Old Pallets

Pallets are useful for storing your appliances and equipment. It keeps them elevated and is helpful during loading, unloading, and during the general transport of your goods. Second-hand pallets are available for purchase, which are way cheaper and sustainable as well. Reclaimed ones often have ragged edges so make sure you double-check to avoid injuries from splinters. 

Invest in Heavy Duty Cardboard Boxes/Containers

Using cardboard boxes is a sustainable way to store your belongings in a storage unit. It can come in a variety of sizes as well. Also known as moving boxes, these sturdy containers are readily available at storage facilities. Since these boxes are heavy-duty, they are durable, recyclable, and can last for a long time.

How Storage Services Are Going Green

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Worldwide, storage services are embracing ways to go green. They’re utilizing efficient, sustainable, and energy-saving alternatives for their facilities. For instance, most light fixtures now use LED bulbs, which are brighter and consume less energy. Interiors are also designed to provide a clean and bright space with light-reflective floors.  

Storage services are also using renewable sources of energy for their operations, such as solar or wind power. These are more efficient and release less carbon dioxide than traditional sources of power. 

Do your part in taking care of the environment by choosing a storage facility that provides security and sustainability. Ensure that they’re doing their part in contributing to the environment by applying eco-friendly practices as much as possible.

Start With Us At The Box!

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At The Box, our services, facilities, and transactions are designed with sustainability in mind. From the procurement of lighting fixtures to the materials used in the construction of our facility, we make sure that every building material used is compliant with the green building specifications set by Dubai. 

Apart from this, we utilize solar panels that use a renewable source of energy for power. We also plant a tree for every customer that walks into our facility. Be part of our goal to have 50,000 trees planted by 2025.  And did we mention being a part of the United Nations program for sustainability development? 

If you’re on the hunt for a storage facility in the UAE, drop by our office in Dubai for a coffee or visit us at https://theboxme.com/.