Moving Offices? How to Efficiently Move An Entire Office Space Without Disrupting Business

Moving Offices? How to Efficiently Move An Entire Office Space Without Disrupting Business

Changes can be exciting but also nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to moving an entire office space to a new office location. It is challenging to conduct the move without disrupting the business, and it is a multi-step process that requires careful planning, forethought, and streamlined actions. Like any other extensive project planning process, dividing the workload and assigning specific tasks to different employees can help a lot.

Though there’s certainly a lot that needs to be done during the moving process, there are few essential things you could take care of to make it easier.

Plan the Move a Year in Advance

Moving an office is different from moving a house. The logistics are more complicated, as there are many things to consider, such as staff, equipment, utilities, paperwork, and backing up data. Moreover, you have to ensure that commuting services are available. By planning a year – more, if possible – in advance, there’s sufficient time to take care of such details.

Appoint a Project Manager

 As the head of a company, you likely won’t have the time to take care of the move by yourself. In such cases, assign moving roles among the senior staff members and choose a person who can multitask and is equipped to be your “move champ” and lead the “move team.” Make them the point of contact between your office and vendors. It’s essential to appoint someone in authority who is a go-getter and known for their planning skills to ensure an efficient moving process. 

Eliminate Unwanted Items

 Every office accumulates old furniture, broken electronics, and various accessories that do not hold enough importance. You can create a list of these items and make sure that they have been discarded before the big move, not to take up much of the new office space. Advise your project manager to survey your current office and make an inventory of things that needed to be kept and things to get rid of. The discards can be donated or can be given for recycling.

Hire Efficient Movers

 One of the critical tasks of moving an office is to hire experienced movers. While choosing moving companies that specialize in office moves, do your research well, ask the right questions, and have the company come to your office to assess your move. Make sure that the company is reliable and that you are receiving the best service for the cost. By hiring professional commercial movers for your office relocation, you can make a move relatively easier.

Arrange for Moving Supplies

 Even though you’re seeking the help of a professional moving company, you still need supplies for the smaller equipment. You can purchase items like moving boxes, packing foam, labels, tape, and rope for moving your smaller items. With the right tools, you can make sure that everything is transported safely and remains undamaged. 

Inform Stakeholders

 Always remember that you and your staff aren’t the only ones who will be affected by the move; your stakeholders will be affected too. Therefore, inform them of your plan in advance to have time to adjust to the move. Create email announcements highlighting the new office space’s address, date of the move, the operating hours of the current office, and the details of the person that they can contact for further queries. Share your eagerness to continue working with your stakeholders – this can help minimize any fears they may have about the move.

Office relocating can be a great adventure for any company, but if it’s not done correctly, the entire process can be harmful to your business’s success. Therefore, whether you’re moving a single office or a multi-office building, keep these tips in mind for an efficient office move and also make sure to hire the right moving company for the move.

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