Moving Soon? Here Are 4 Different Decor Ideas That Can Maximise The Living Space For You

Moving Soon? Here Are 4 Different Decor Ideas That Can Maximise The Living Space For You

Moving to a new home in Dubai means one needs to make the most out of their available floor space. Most residential properties are apartments, and they cannot be expanded or renovated freely. Therefore, if a person wants the area to be expansive, they need to choose innovative decor ideas. These should support a person’s lifestyle without requiring them to give up on everything they hold dear. Suppose a person can implement clever solutions and make use of storage services in Dubai. In that case, they will have a spacious home without bidding farewell to their belongings.  

Use multipurpose furniture

The most excellent way to make a home functional without sacrificing space is to choose furniture that serves multiple purposes. Thereby a person will not have to invest in many items that can take up precious room. For example, instead of having a study table and vanity in the bedroom, a person could combine the two by investing in a desk with a section that can be lifted to reveal a mirror and store their cosmetic and self-care products. Furthermore, a massive range of multipurpose furniture is available in the market, so a person is guaranteed to find the perfect ones for their needs. 

Consider wall-mounted fittings with mirror finishes

A common mistake people make is that they use cupboards and desks that need to be placed on the floor and leave much room on the walls. This tends to make a room look cramped. Instead, they should opt for wall-mounted fittings. 

As they are fitted on the wall, floor space is freed, making a room look expansive. A person will also be able to make better use of the area as they could use the entire length of the wall. It has to be noted that they are not only functional, but they also look elegant and increase property value. Mirror finishes are crucial to make a room look spacious, even if that is not necessarily the case. The reflections tend to influence a person’s perception of the space and make them think it seems vast. 

Opt for furnishings with hidden storage

Furniture that contains hidden storage is all the rage now. It reduces the clutter and gives a home an elegant and pretty aesthetic. Items can be neatly tucked away within them for easy access and do not need a separate cupboard. For example, couches with a built-in compartment can be used to store blankets and throw pillows. Coffee tables with internal spaces can be used to keep magazines and letters. There are many options that one can use. 

However, it has to be noted that one should not use this to store anything that is rarely used or unnecessary. Instead, homeowners should move such items to facilities that offer storage in Dubai. Then, if a need does arise, it can be retrieved easily instead of taking up valuable space in a home. 

Install shelving near the ceiling perimeter of the room.

The room’s perimeter under the ceiling is most often left unused; however, this need not be the case. One can install shelving underneath it to be used for storage purposes. Doing this has two significant benefits. First, if done artistically, it could increase the home’s appeal and give it a unique and exciting aesthetic. Second, it will reduce the need for cupboards elsewhere. Therefore, one can enjoy more living space. 

Interior decor should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be functional. The above are only a few of the many innovative ideas that one can use for their home. Therefore, consider implementing them and using storage solutions in Dubai to maximize your living space.