For The New Parents: Dealing With Baby Clutter

For The New Parents: Dealing With Baby Clutter

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful feeling ever but at the same time it comes with several responsibilities which if you are a first time parent, on your worst day, can even feel like a demanding chore.And when compared to kids clutter, there seems to be something very unique about baby clutter- before you even know it, baby clutter takes over all the spaces of your home. 

Gathering all the necessities for your baby starts even before giving birth, with a nursery prepared ready to accept its new occupant. As the baby grows into a toddler, so does the baby stuff that can fill up your space. While these things are essential in the development of your child, it could be a daunting and time-consuming task to keep up with all the clutter. 

Then there comes a time wherein your child outgrows all the baby stuff and leaves them useless. This is where self storage can help you. Keep the items safely away for baby no. 2, while at the same time making room for your toddler to grow up taking all the space he needs for his or her next set of adventures.

It is fundamental to know these tips in decluttering baby supplies, equipment, and gear since these quickly clutter up your home and get unnoticed under the stressful joy of upbringing a child. Ultimately your goal is to keep your place organized, clutter-free and look like adults still live there. 

The 3 Chapters of Organizing Baby Clutter

Surprisingly there are different chapters in decluttering baby equipment. Depending on what stage of life you and you’re baby are in, addressing baby clutter will vary. Similarly the amount of clutter that accumulates compound as you go along these chapters. This explains why addressing it early is crucial. You have to keep up with the increasing amount of baby equipment. These chapters or stages include the following:

Decluttering while nursing a toddler

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This is the first chapter that every parent goes through. This is the stage wherein baby gear is starting to accumulate and the need to keep them away for long-term storage is not necessary. The goal in this stage is to ensure that despite the increasing amount of baby equipment, there is still enough room for all the things you have in your space at the moment.

The organization is key to keeping things tidy for your space. For instance, you can utilize small cloth bins as storage for your toddler’s sensory toys and extra shelving to store away your baby’s toiletries. In addition, you should learn to differentiate the items that are used frequently vs. the ones you use regularly and store them accordingly. 

You can also regulate the amount of baby gear that enters your home. There are plenty of products that are optional. Just because you feel the need for it, it isn’t something that is necessary. One key is to evaluate the present condition you and your toddler are living in. There are questions you can ask yourself such as Do I need another pram? Do I need this many feeding bottles? Being economical and practical can go a long way. 

Decluttering in between babies

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For a better explanation, this second chapter begins once your toddler becomes too old to use the baby gear, toys, and clothes. This is when you have to make room for their growing needs. However, this does not mean getting rid of the baby stuff especially when the family is considering having another baby sometime in the future. This is when getting a self storage unit will once again come in handy.

Baby equipment can be costly and some even see it as an investment. It is only wise to consider keeping them safe in a storage unit. This saves time, money, and space. By having these things tucked away in a storage unit, you will have enough room for the needs of your growing child. Take the necessary action to get rid of the things you know won’t be used for future babies, and store the ones that are important in a storage unit. 

Doing this can help you avoid facing an outstanding amount of clutter in the future. In the event that a new baby is entering your house again, you’ll be at ease knowing you have the equipment you need safely stored in your self storage unit. 

Decluttering for good

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Lastly, there will come a time when no more babies are expected to live in the house. During this time, you get to decide what to do with all the baby gear, equipment, toys, and clothes, your kid will leave behind. This chapter in your life requires you to be more particular with how you declutter. It is not practical to keep on holding on to the baby stuff with the knowledge of never being able to use it in the future. Consider giving these things to relatives or expectant friends. 

Needless to say, it is never easy to let go of all your baby’s stuff since it holds sentimental value. In this case, you can always go through each one of them and decide which things to keep or donate/throw. Choose carefully and thoughtfully but bear in mind not to keep too much. 

Now that you have a piece of knowledge in dealing with baby clutter, you should prioritize decluttering and organizing, especially when you are expecting your first baby. If you are still not convinced on the benefits of decluttering while expecting and raising a child,, let’s examine 3 ways clutter can affect your parenting.

Clutter Can Stress Parents Out

What better way to make parenting a lot harder than dealing with stress due to baby clutter. Willpower is one thing, but having enough patience to deal with the stress that comes with taking care of a toddler is crucial. When you are stressed, it makes it difficult for you to think properly and may affect how you interact with your children, especially when it comes to discipline. 

It Wastes Time

The time you can spend with your young one can be taken away with the moments you spend dealing with baby clutter. Before you know it, moments slip through your fingers and your kids grow up fast. With an organized and decluttered home, you’ll have more time and mind space to spare for your toddler. Also, you don’t want your children to feel that a clean house is more important than they are. 

Clutter Gets In The Way Of Teaching Children Values

You do not want your child to grow up and get used to having clutter all around the house. Modeling the kind of things we want our child to grow up having is important. When you’re keeping an unorganized and cluttered home, you can’t expect your child to become organized in the future. Living by example is key in instilling values to your child. What value will you teach your child when you constantly hold on to stuff you don’t actually need? Growing up in a clean environment will go a long way in shaping the child’s preferences as an adult.

Are you ready to be a parent? Let a trusted storage facility help you stay a step ahead!

The truth is, no amount of clutter should get in the way of you taking care of your toddler. While having the best baby gear and equipment is important, consider how to handle the inevitable amount of stuff that comes with parenting a newborn. Having a self storage unit can help you manage it so you can have stress-free and effective parenting. Talk to us at the box! Drop by for coffee or tea and let our friendly storage consultants help you make room for tomorrow