New Year’s Resolution: Why You Should Adopt Different Storage Methods In 2021

New Year’s Resolution: Why You Should Adopt Different Storage Methods In 2021

It’s time to start anew in 2021 by learning new storage methods so you can remain organized at any time during the year. As part of your new year’s resolution, staying neat and organized should always be a requirement, and that is why a variety of storage ideas can help you avoid clutter and live in a peaceful space. 

The following DIY storage ideas are quite handy in creating a unique look for your home while helping you stay organized. 

Making Space For Laundry Containers 

Laundry products are often available in large packaging that takes up a lot of space in the cabinets. You can adapt to new storage methods to get rid of the packaging and make more space to store other things. Containers such as jars are the most recommended option for storing laundry products because they are easily accessible and compact. You can also place them out in the open on the shelves in the laundry room with stylish jars and use them as decoration while storing the detergents in them. 

A Clothing Rack

If you happen to run out of space in your closet, you can opt for purchasing a standing rack for clothes and it can be kept neatly in the corner of your room. They come in small and compact sizes, so you do not have to worry about it cluttering up your space. Instead, you can choose to place your daily clothes and accessories and keep them organized at all times. 

Organizing Your Magazine Collection

By installing magazine racks and shelves, you can store all of the magazines you have accumulated over the years. Magazines can add aesthetically pleasing appeal to your living room, for example, if they are placed on the installed racks. You can organize and store them efficiently while effectively using them as decor. 

Storing Kitchen Supplies

Another storage recommendation includes investing in open boxes and containers that you can keep several kitchen supplies in to avoid any mess. You can have one box for keeping the cutlery and another compartment for holding the glasses and plates. If you happen to run out of cutlery racks, then these options are recommended, especially for the things that you use daily. Lining them up against each other on the kitchen counter will offer quick access while they remain in their place. 

Use Storage Bins

Storage bins are always an excellent option for keeping anything. If you run out of space on your bookshelf, you can keep them in the storage bins. Moreover, wooden crates are also a good option for storage as it can be kept out in the open to make the room look more polished. Instead of spending money on new boxes and bins, you can use old wire baskets and wooden crates to store your belongings.  

Drawer Organizers 

Drawers can sometimes become messy too, and drawer organizers can solve that. They come in different sizes and dimensions so that they can store various things. You can get one for your jewelry and another one for your stationery drawer. They can even be used in your clothing drawer if you happen to keep them folded and can designate different compartments within the organizer for other garments for easy accessibility. 


Another efficient way to avoid messes and maintain everything in a neat and orderly manner is to keep some of your belongings in self-storage units. At The Box, we offer plenty of storage space for safekeeping any of your belongings