Organizing Home For A New Start: 8 Constructive Ways to Declutter

Organizing Home For A New Start: 8 Constructive Ways to Declutter

When you are ready for a new beginning in the UAE, you must ensure your mind is calm and peaceful. The best way you can achieve this is by decluttering and organizing your home and making the space comfortable to stay within. While this may seem like a challenging endeavor, with some constructive ideas and the use of storage space in Dubai, you will find that it is enjoyable and straightforward.

Sort your belongings based on how often you reach out for them

The best way to be honest when decluttering is to sort your items by how often you use them. If you have reached out for something within the past six months, you can keep them in your home. If you haven’t reached out for it for a year, you can send it to storage. If you haven’t used something longer than that, it is better to donate or recycle it.  

Use baskets to keep cupboards tidy

An excellent way to organize shelves is by using baskets. They not only look great but are affordable and can be purchased in bulk, making them ideal for storing things categorically. In addition, they are ideally suited for holding essential knickknacks and other small items; therefore, keep the things you need within them. 

Use closed fabric boxes on open shelving

Closed fabric boxes are a brilliant way to keep items on open shelves without letting them gather dust or look cluttered. They are also easy to incorporate in different aesthetic styles as they are available in various materials, colors, and designs. 

Use storage facilities to store rarely used items

It is best to move things you rarely use to our storage facilities in Dubai. Otherwise, they will take valuable space in your home. Our units are secure and climate-controlled, your belongings will be safe and in optimal condition. When you do require them, you can retrieve them with ease.

Expand cabinet storage in the kitchen

If there is one place that tends to become cluttered quickly and look congested, it is the kitchen. Even if you have a pantry cabinet, you could amass more equipment and ingredients than they can hold. Instead of leaving things on the counter, you can expand storage by mounting a rack on the back of the pantry door or incorporating roll-out racks in cupboards to increase space. 

Hang your pots and pans

Due to their bulky size, Pots and pans tend to take up a lot of valuable space in the cupboard. They will also typically be placed in stacks that could look cluttered and be inconvenient to use. Therefore, you should opt to hang them on the wall using a suspended pot rack or S-hooks on a pegboard.

Donate rarely used kitchen equipment

If you enjoy making meals, you will be likely to purchase equipment under the belief you could use them in the future, only to never reach out for them. If this is the case, instead of keeping them within your cupboard, donate them to friends, families, or thrift stores. 

Use a vertical spice rack

Having multiple containers of spices on the counter or in a drawer will waste valuable space and be confusing to sort through. It can also make cooking a hassle as finding the right ingredients will take a significantly long time. You may also unknowingly be holding onto expired spice. A spice rack will allow you to have all your spices in one space and keep them organized so you can retrieve them with ease and replace them if needed. In addition, as it is vertical, it will take little room on top of the counter.

If you are decluttering your home and wish to store things in a secure facility, make sure to contact us at The Box in Dubai. Our staff will help you find a suitable unit for your needs.