Our Favourite DIY Storage Solutions To Help Declutter Your Home

Our Favourite DIY Storage Solutions To Help Declutter Your Home

Our homes constantly undergo a never-ending cycle of cleaning, reorganizing, and decluttering. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming if we know what to do, envision what arrangements we want to make, and review some tips on how to make home spaces tidy and well-organized.

Getting organized is more than just tidying up. It’s like taking charge of your life. A clean and well-organized home makes things easier, making you relaxed and productive. If you get overwhelmed by the clutter you always deal with in your home, below are some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) storage solutions that are easy to follow and have become our favorite to help you declutter and organize your homes.

Make Your Own Drawer Dividers

Create DIY cutouts or compartments for your drawer pulls and storage bins by cutting up cardboard boxes or paper bags. Unlike store-bought partitions, the DIY method enables you to tailor dividers to specific measurements.

Stack Plastic Bags in a Tissue Box

If you have a surplus of plastic shopping bags, you can roll them up and store them in an empty tissue box. They’ll be quick to grab and won’t take up too much space in your pantry.

Use Ice Cube Trays to Organize Tiny Accessories

If you didn’t know, ice cube trays have various purposes. For example, you can use ice cube trays to keep tiny accessories such as pairs of earrings or brooches organized. You can also use them to organize your office supplies, such as paper clips and pins.

Repurpose File Organizers for Cutting Boards and Pans

Cooking pans, cutleries, and other similar items can be bulky, making storage troublesome. To solve this problem, you can repurpose a metal file holder to make these tools handier. You can get everything you need the next time you’re cooking quickly.

Make a Grab-and-Go Cleaning Device

Organization routines are essential for keeping your home orderly. Keep your cleaning supplies easy to grab and organized in one compact unit by building a grab-and-go cleaning station. In a container or handy basket, you may keep the cleaning tools you use the most. Any extra goods you seldom use can be put under the counter, next to the basket. It creates a convenient routine, eliminating the need to look for cleaning tools.

Install Hooks or Hangers to Make the Most of Your Wall Space

Hooks or hangers can be a handy solution for your wall space, especially if you live in a compact studio or apartment. Hang your mugs, cooking utensils, and cleaning napkins to maximize space. Hooks are also inexpensive and simple to install.

Make a Handy Storage for Electronics

Electronic wires are sometimes bulky and may tangle easily, which causes clutter. Consider converting a closet or a self-storage box into a designated space for electronic devices like spare chargers, power strips, and chords. You can look for stackable containers that will hold all your devices and label them to look tidy and pleasing to the eye.

Make Room for Storage on the Inside of your Door Cabinets

A door’s interior can be used to provide additional storage space. For example, you can organize spices in a pantry or personal care goods by adding a single track with baskets on the back door of your door cabinets. It is a simple and inexpensive organization strategy appropriate for most spaces.

Station Old Baskets for Quick Room Decluttering

Recycle your old basket or containers, design them in a creative way, and station them in every room for quick decluttering. It can serve as a dumping basket for things your guests may have left or toys your kids play with. This way, your room will still look tidy and organized since they are not spread all over the place.

Organize your Entryway with Built-In Storage, Racks, and Bins

The mudroom or entryway is often used as a dumping area. Take the time to DIY or build appropriate storage for items such as umbrellas, winter gear, backpacks, and footwear. Organize your entryway by transferring items from the floor to racks for quick access. Built-in storage, such as shelving or lockers, can also help to declutter the entryway. It will also make the space more tidy and functional.

There are many DIY strategies and tactics to help you declutter your home. All you need is to look for materials in your attic or basement to be used for various organization purposes. But if you have unused home furniture and materials you can’t let go of, we can help you take care of them. Here in The Box – the most loved storage and moving company in UAE, we offer various storage solutions depending on your needs.