Put Off Unpacking Until You’re Ready: Two Reasons to Use Storage

Put Off Unpacking Until You’re Ready: Two Reasons to Use Storage

Home items that can go into storage

Every move feels rushed, even ones you’ve planned for months. Part of this is because relocating your family and everything you own is jarring, and part of it is there are so many moving parts to organize and stay on top of through multiple transitions. Take steps off your to-do list using storage in between moving and moving in.

You don’t have to move in immediately. 

Moving to a new part of the country, whether you’re following a job lead or your employer has you relocating, comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to sell or end the lease on your current home, you need to pack up your belongings, and you need to start a new professional life in a completely different city. If you don’t have time to find precisely the house you wanted before it’s time to move, then use storage to give yourself more time and options. You can find a smaller apartment to keep searching from instead of trying to fit all of your boxes and furniture into the first open lease.

You can organize your unpacking.

Hurried unpacking is almost as disorienting as rushed packing. Instead of feeling like you have to unpack all of your boxes at once to truly get settled into your new home even as you’re getting into the routine of a new office, new commute, and new town use storage to keep the boxes organized. You can get your boxes moved, shipped, and put into storage until you have time to decide where all the furniture should go and how you want your new home to look.

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