Rainbow Pantry Goals: Vibrant ROYGBIV Way To Organize Your Pantry

Rainbow Pantry Goals: Vibrant ROYGBIV Way To Organize Your Pantry

Arranging your pantry doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, you can pour out all your creative juices and turn this personal storage into a fun and functional nook in your home or office. From categorizing your favorite food spices, arranging your snacks according to colors, to creating a stunning stack of kitchen tools, there’s a lot you can achieve in a day when you maintain an orderly system in your kitchen. Once you have accomplished this, you will not only know how to navigate the kitchen more efficiently but you will also love how it looks which, in turn, will produce an instant energy and productivity boost. 

Turn your pantry into an eye candy and achieve a whole new level of functional ROYGBIV look in your space with these tips: 

Define the purpose of the space

Firstly, you have to define how you want your pantry to serve you. Things like the location and proximity to the cooking area, amount of time you’ll be spending there, susceptibility to rummage are some of the small details you have to consider.  From there, you will be able to figure out how and what to make of it. One crucial consideration when transforming your pantry into #pantrygoals is the storage and size of the space. Make sure to have enough area to play with your creativity. 

Prepare to declutter

Fact check: decluttering in the kitchen is way different from decluttering your closet. If you look at it, most items in your cabinet tend to have a sentimental value to you but in the kitchen, there is most likely none. The items in your stash are probably close to its expiry date or some might have expired and rotted already and you forgot to take it out of the drawer. Investing in space-saving containers can also be a huge life hack to achieve a well-organized pantry.

Have the right tools 

After getting rid of unused stuff in the kitchen, it’s time to put them in storage boxes for disposal or in a self-storage facility in Dubai. You have pretty much forecasted the amount of things you will have to dispose of so when purchasing boxes, make sure that it fits everything. Pro-tip: get extra boxes all the time as you will never know if there is something you missed during your initial declutter. 

Segregate and label everything 

Here comes the fun and exciting part: you start to stack and label everything however you want to. Most people put so much effort on creating cute, nice labels for their condiments and other kitchen necessities. Some even invest in nice small foam boards as it is more ideal and sustainable in the long run. Remember, you can be as creative as you can. It is your space anyway. You can do whatever you want. 

Identify your scheme 

The ROYGBIV color scheme has always been a go-to when decluttering as it looks so easy on the eyes and quicker to navigate through color coding. You may hop on the rainbow trend or feel free to create a color scheme that fits you and your personality. Another pro-tip: make sure to put some breathing space in your pantry to make it look more spacious. You can even add some colorful LED lights if you like! 

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