Reorganize Your Closet Space Efficiently Today With This Innovative 5-Step-Guide

Reorganize Your Closet Space Efficiently Today With This Innovative 5-Step-Guide

Reorganizing your closet space can be quite intimidating if you do not know where to start. By following specific steps and figuring out the wardrobe areas that need adjustments, you can efficiently organize your closet just the way you like. Before getting into the actual process, survey your closet space, and make a list of all of the things you plan to keep in storage facilities or places other than your closet. 

By following the useful 5-step guide mentioned below, you can determine the starting point of your reorganization journey and results. 

First Step: Emptying Your Closet

Firstly, you should choose an area in your room where you can lay down all of your wardrobe belongings so that you can easily locate and arrange them at a later stage. After designating that area, take everything out of your closet and place it there. For example, you can use your bed or an empty corner of your room with a lot of space and then begin by removing all of your clothes, hangers, boxes or accessories, other belongings, etc. 

The first step is incredibly crucial, and you should take your time in placing everything down for careful consideration. While you are taking out everything, you can continue to take a mental note of the things you will need later and the items you will have to remove from your closet. This step will make the wardrobe arrangement process more efficient in the later steps. 

Second Step: Organize And Designate 

After removing everything from your closet, start to place items into particular categories for easy identification and organization. You can choose different cardboard boxes for these items and label them accordingly so you can find them later on and keep track of them. 

You can create a system with labels and name them as ‘the donation pile’ or ‘things to keep.’ Sometimes you can opt for labeling the boxes such as ‘clothes,’ ‘shoes,’ and ‘accessories.’ Before this step, you should also make sure that you have grouped the smaller belongings in a plastic bag to avoid losing them.

Third Step: Eliminate

The most significant part about reorganizing your closet is getting rid of unwanted items that do not belong in your closet. You can store them in any other place or utilize different storage solutions to avail more storage space.

The biggest problem with disorganized closet space is that items that do not belong in that space end up being there, so you have to clean out your wardrobe to avoid these situations frequently. With this method, you will slowly but surely go through returning everything to its original place and getting your closet space back to normal. 

Fourth Step: Declutter

Decluttering is inevitable when it comes to organizing your closet, and it involves eliminating unnecessary or unused items. These items range from removing any clothes and shoes that you haven’t used in a long time and consider putting them in the donation box.  

Moreover, you can look through your damaged clothes and accessories to spot the ones that are of no use to you anymore. Sometimes you might come across a hurdle of removing clothes that are perfectly fine, but the size has shrunk, so you resell them. 

Fifth Step: Clean The Closet 

Last but not least, the fifth and final step involves cleaning down the closet space itself. Once you have removed everything, the vacant space is free for you to wipe it down and eliminate any dust particles that may have resided there. 

This is also an opportunity for you to inspect your closet and remove unwanted receipts, clothing tags that may have fallen there, and observe the walls of your wardrobe for any mold or damage. You can also decide to remodel your closet if it is a walk-in closet and completely change its entire look. If you are looking for storage solutions in Dubai, The Box offers storage units to aid your reorganization process by providing storage spaces for your extra belongings.